Nobody cartes about your stupid podcast woes and an unintentional zine tour…

I just found a little time to sit down and take a listen to the interviews I had recorded and hoped to finally put together for a new episode of Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast. I had been editing it on my old computer before I left for the Uk and France in May. My old computer was dying a slow death and I transferred stuff to my new computer. Well, the audio sounds all messed up with weird gaps in the middle of interviews. I’m really bummed because I think most of it is unusable. It might be that I really just don’t like sound editing but I want a good sounding podcast, not one that sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom with a Fisher Price microphone. Gr.

I had some really great interviews too so I’ll see what I can salvage when I’m less annoyed about it. We had some great interviews at the Zine Librarian (un)Conference from the spring.  Marc and I interviewed Jerrianne from Zine World and Zine Wiki. She got Marc to tell a great story about the first time they met. I interviewed Milo from QZAP (Queer Zine Archive Project) he also gave me a cool shirt that says “Zinesters do it on the photcopier” I also did a bit of investigative journalism to try and uncover just what exactly happened to ZAPP in their mysterious disappearance a few years ago. I interviewed a few people and the audio is semi-rubbis. It was on the steps of the Hugo House and there are all these birds tweeting in the background.

So, do I start all over again with new interviews? I need to get Marc to sit down again and record some stuff. We decided that we are never ever going to apologize for the lateness of our podcast. It’s a podcast about zines, what do you want from us?

A few months ago I was riding my bike home and rolled up onto my sidewalk where I saw my old housemate and old zine friend Steve. You may remember him from Journalsong zine. I did a split zine with him and Lisa from Three A.M. years ago. He was playing music with someone down the street and was walking by my house. He said it looks good since I fixed it up and then said he liked the podcast and asked when we were going to do another one. I asked him when he is going to do another zine. He then said “so, there isn’t going to be another one?” That wasn’t my point, my point is that my zines don’t come out regularly and neither will the podcast! I want to do it, I just don’t want to do it half assed.

So, I started thinking about my upcoming trip and how it is a bit like a tour. I didn’t really intend for it to be a tour, but maybe I should. Paul and Webly and I are going to Chicago the weekend of October 9th. Maybe I should see if there is any zine stuff going on there? Then I’m headed to Halifax for my zine residency and the Halifax Zine Fest where I’ll teach a workshop on zine distribution. From there I head to Toronto then I think I’m going  to Ottawa for a zine reading at a book store on October 30. After that I’ll be at Canzine in Toronto on November 1st where I have been asked to do a reading the night before. Maybe I should read something spooky for Halloween!

After that I have a week between Canzine and the Richmond Zine Fest. I’m thinking of visiting NYC, maybe I should do a zine reading there? Anybody else have any ideas?

2009 has totally been a crazy zine year for me. I’m really excited about it. I just wish I could get a new zine done! i have about 3 of them in the works.


2 responses to “Nobody cartes about your stupid podcast woes and an unintentional zine tour…

  1. You’re coming to Canzine, that’s so exciting! I’ll have a new issue of Culture Slut out by then, we should trade if you’re done your UK zine. I think I’m doing the zine reading as well, that is if I can get over my shyness.

    • I’m not done with my UK zine yet. I’m working on a silly facts about me zine at my zine retreat in a few weeks and at the zine residency I’m working on my love sotry zine complete with original soundtrack! I’m not sure when I’ll have my UK zine done. Most of the stuff is documented journal style but I have a lot of weird things I want to add like like a game where you pick 3-4 specific words together to make probable names of English cities and a bit of a glossary to UK English complete with embarrassing stories!

      Awesome! We’ll get to read together. it’s lots of fun. Just pretend you are telling stories to your friends that you haven’t met yet.

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