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Post symposium post where I don’t really talk about the symposium…

So, the symposium was over a few weeks ago. I took a much needed trip to the Riverhouse and have slowly be getting my house and life back in order. I think the symposium was a hit this year. I’ll have more to talk about later. The new space had its problems but as someone put it “it seems more like a space the symposium should be in.” The last 10 years were on a campus of a university that may have given it a stuffy, institution feel. In hindsight, I’m pretty happy with the space and the people we worked with there. We had our post symposium wrap up meeting/reward dinner at Portobello, a fancy vegan restaurant, last night. It was good to talk about things.

We are already scheduling a meeting for next year on September 18th at the IPRC.

Other than that, Portland is starting to feel like autumn, even thought it is pretty warm this week. I haven’t spent enough time in my yard but I did take some photos:

Despite Paul taunting the artichokes with how he was going to eat them, a few of them went to thistle.

Despite Paul taunting the artichokes with how he is going to eat them, a few of them managed to go to thistle.

We have a small bit of invasive blackberries at the back corner of the yard. We didn't trim it back enough this year so we should have a good harvest. We usually get enought for a black berry pie made with my great-grandmother's crust recipe. This was the first bowl full and I just clean them and throw them into the freezer until there is enough for pie. maybe I'll make jam this year?


We used to have a lot more calendula in the yard. I have planted other things and now they are disappearing. I'll have to fix that.

Paul may have been taunting the artichokes about eating them, but I'm showering the hops with praise and a glimpse at their glorious future in my home brewed beer!


fairy wand peeking through my front fence. I think I'm finally going to transplate some daiy lillies there. They are miserable under the cedar tree, even though they get a lot of sunlight.

veg garden from the porch. It only gets afternoon sun.


Veg garden from another corner

Trailing pumpkin that only has one pumpkin growing.


Sunflowers in the veg garden!


Sunflowers on the porch.

OJ hanging out under the pation table and next to the hops.


He is a silly kitten.

I had some food pictures I was gonna post but I’ll post those tomorrow. I made saffron rice and baked it with herbed squash and tomatoes over it. It was super yummy. I also gathered up my squash flowers and, after giz got all the ants out,  stuffed them with cashew cheeze and lightly friend them with a sort of fresh herb tempura batter. They were really good!


International Zine Month Day 22

This shirt was sent to me by Krity Win. Sadly, I have not been to the Auckland Zine Fest. I would love to go someday.

I posted some more photos of my garden on facebook, take a look.

here are some previews:

Stumptown Vegans podcast and how I grow hops!

So, a few weeks ago I was a host on the Stumptown Vegans podcast .Well, the show is up in all its sugar crashy-ness. Go here if you want to listen.

And for photos. Here’s the trellis I made for my Cascade Hop plants. The twine is attached to an old box springs I use in my garden one one end and to the upstairs bathroom window. this should give them more lights, make a canope at the back door, and be super easy to harvest by just tossing down the twine!

This was a few weeks ago. I'll post a new photo soon!

looking up the side of my house...noitce the plumbing on the outside of the house.

Paul and I are headed up to the Riverhouse for some time together before I head up there for the weekend with whoever wants to come.

Garden shots September 3

I haven’t taken any garden photos mainly because I lost my memory card for my camera somehow. Well, I found my smaller spare one and took some shots the other day and here you go!

My neighbors have this plum tree that comes over into our yard. They say we can eat whatever is on our side of the fence! Right now they are perfect and tasty.

I love this fairy wand plant and how it reaches outside the fence with pink flowers.

I also love this Chocolate Snakeroot. It is purple and green, two of my favorite colors. The flowers are white

My Calendula is growing well this year! I have been harvesting the leave so I can make tea all winter

The last of the borage:

I think this is some kind of Salvia. It is what the one hummingbird that came to our yard really liked. I think it is beautiful.

Poke Weed. It is a weed and is growing in a place it probably shouldn’t but I love the colors so I’ll let it stay!

Lots and lots of hops

I keep meaning to post some of the crafty reuse type things I have done around the house and the yard. In the back on our little patio we have two chairs and a table and I took a housemate’s old box spring and put it up against a fence to use as the thing my hops grow on.

I also have an old bike frame and our old mail bo that I plan on putting in the yard to have things grow in and on. I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

My sister and I made this coat rack with hooks and some trim. We also hot glued wine corks to another strip of trim and made it into a message board above the coat rack. On the left is a Fair Tale Fibers hat that i got off etsy. There are also my two cloaks. I made a brown one and a grey one.

my house is really dusty. I should have cleaned before I took this!

A better photos of the Witchball in my kitchen that I also got of Etsy.

And, last but not least, a photo of me since I haven’t really taken any in awhile. I did something weird to my camera and it only had green and the rest was black and white. I think it looks kind of neat.

Look at more photos here.