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I have seeds to share!

I have seeds to share? Have you looked at my garden or garden photos and wanted some of my plants? I’d down to trade seeds (or maybe something else?) for my seeds. Be warned that I think my yard is a weird micro-climate due to our giant sheltering Himalayan Cedar. Here’s what I have:

Calendula-all the ones in my yard grow yellow.

Borage-These are blue and lighter blue to white depending on where in the yard they grow.
Love-in-a-mist- these range from blue to white.
More Love-in-a-Mist
Walking Onion- I only have a few of these
These things are fun! They can be used as scallions when they are young or like shallots when they are big. I only have a few sets of 3 so I can’t spread as much cheer with these as I would hope.
My trillium had seeds this year! These are beatufil plants but can be hard to grown.

If you would like any of these, let me know! You can e-mail me at alexATsmallworldbuttonsDOTcom

Also, for a limited time I am offering my craft roasted coffee. Go here for delicious coffee.

Small World Blend coffee



Stumptown Vegans podcast and how I grow hops!

So, a few weeks ago I was a host on the Stumptown Vegans podcast .Well, the show is up in all its sugar crashy-ness. Go here if you want to listen.

And for photos. Here’s the trellis I made for my Cascade Hop plants. The twine is attached to an old box springs I use in my garden one one end and to the upstairs bathroom window. this should give them more lights, make a canope at the back door, and be super easy to harvest by just tossing down the twine!

This was a few weeks ago. I'll post a new photo soon!

looking up the side of my house...noitce the plumbing on the outside of the house.

Paul and I are headed up to the Riverhouse for some time together before I head up there for the weekend with whoever wants to come.

two of my favorites…

Another busy week of visitors and button work. There was even a wedding mixed in there too!

Besides all the irises that ring my yard there are two other plants that show up every year: Egyptian Walking Onions and Love-In-A-Mist. They have been here longer than I have and I am happy to see them ever year!

Egyptian Walking Onions are awesome! They can be eaten young like green onions or you can let them grow and eat them like shallots. If you let them grow they make their own little bulbs at the top and send out weird alien spindly shoots that form yet more bulbs! The bulbs and shoots eventually weigh down the plant or reach the ground and plant themselves, hence, “walking”. I like that they sort of meander around my yard from place to play. I also send off bulbs to people to start their own walking garden. Let me know if you would like some.

these onions were made for walking...ok, that was dumb. I'm sorry.


Love-In-A-Mist reminds me of two things; that the plant looks like it should grow underwater, and that my ex-boyfriend had them growing outside his cottage when I was 18. They are one of the first green things to start growing in my yard each year and shoot up fluffy, fuzzy stems that eventually form intricate blue star shaped flowers. They are just so dreamy to me!

Love in a Mist easily reseeds itself which is great. I wonder if these plants are completely adapted to grow under my cedar tree because my neighbor tried to get some to grow in her yard and it didn’t work as well. At any rate, I love these reseeding annuals.

I made a facebook photo album of the cats at my house. I figure if I’m becoming a crazy cat lady then why not document it?

Just foxgloves…and a cat.

I love foxgloves! They make me really happy. A few years ago I planted some pink foxglove seeds and since then they have reseeded and filled my yard with a wide variety of colors. here are some current foxgloves! It might just be an all garden shots for awhile.

Foxgloves in the Hummingbird Garden. There's also a bit of a dephinium there too.

I saw some blue sky a week or so ago! This is one of the neat foxglves that changes from pink at the bottom to yellow at the top.

closer look at the color change.

speckled pink!

Ok, not all plants. OJ has taken to sleeping outside when it’s not to cold or rainy. I went out to put the mail in the post box and I found him curled up in the irises!

What? I heard it was a flower BED!

a yawning jungle cat!

A weekend of dogs and some garden talk.

It has been a weekend of dogs…. and the cats hating me. I have had my sister and brother-in-laws dogs since Thursday. It’s not that they are bad dogs, they are just really needy and constantly looking at me like “so, when’s mom coming back?” And as many times as I tell them they just stare at me and then go find garbage or cat poop to eat. Currently they are both sleeping in my bed while I type and will accompany me to the airport in a few hours to finally have their question answered. I wonder if all the times they have gone to the airport they just think that one or both of their people jsut stays in that airport building until they decided to come home. who knows.

Yesterday my mom called me to see if I wanted to dog sit for afew hours whil she went shopping. She just got a Cavelier King Charles Spaniel that I hadn’t seen yet. He name is Maggie and she is adorable! I spent a few hours up at the Riverhouse dog sitting for 3. Mostly I just held Maggie who had two modes:I want to bit every inch of you and also sleep. I wish I had more time to spend up there but I had to get home.

The two cats at my house are indoor outdoor so they have been glaring at me with the dogs. Jackie just sits on the porch and watches the dogs who don’t seem to notice him half the time .OK just freaks out and runs away.

The weather has been cloudy and I have been working in my yard a bit. I planted some Morning Glories that I have grown from seed so i’ll have 3 different varieties to entice the Hummingbirds. I also planted some plants I got at a yard sale. Some were mislabeled and some weren’t labeled at all. The woman told me one was a bluebell and it clearly wasn’t. But, I put them in my yard and I have started planning what I’m going to transplant next year to make the yard a bit more colorful during the whole growing season.

Paul and I are also planning to take out our chainlink fence and leave the posts in and attach a picket fence to them .We are also thinking about using the chainlink to make a chicket coop and get chickens next year. We’ll see if it works out.

Right now I have to get up and start my day. Gotta pick up my sister soon and i have a zine symposium meeting tonight that I need to do some work for.

Oh, here’s a new review of Stolen Sharpie Revoluntion 2 on Book Spew.

infused vodka, asparagus and more garden shots

I have always wanted to infuse vodka…. but I’m not really a hard alcohol drinker so buying mass quantities of vodka is never really first on my mind. But, Paul got a deal on some good vodka while I was gone so I came home to find a glass jug of vodka sitting on top of my fridge. I thought that this must be my chance! I roasted some coffee and cracked it but didn’t grind it, pulled some strawberries out of the freezer and picked some mint from the yard and this is what I got:

hand roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Strawberries from our yard last year and mint from this year.

hand roasted Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Strawberries from our yard last year and mint from this year.

I let the coffee steep for 2 days, the mint for 5 and I’m going to take the strawberries out after 7. The coffee vodka smells amazing! Now I jsut need to figure out what to make with these!

Paul and I went to the Farmer’s market on Wednesday and picked up some asparagus and other things. The other night I made some spinach pesto pasta and topped it off with asparagus, onions, grape tomatoes, and olives cookined in red wine. It was yummy!

Spinach Pesto and Asparagus

Spinach Pesto and Asparagus

I have also been working in my yard… as usual. Yesterday I decided that I don’ want any grass anymore and started removing some by my front door. Paul thinks it is just an excuse for me to buy mroe plants. Maybe he is right but working in the yard keeps me sane and we all like a sane me.

I bought a few more veggie starts and so far this is what is in the veggie garden: Carrots, chard, spinach, lettuce, beets, purple cabbage, celery, brussel sprouts, broccoli, about 3 different kinds of beans, 2 different tomatoes, pumpkin, zucchini, yellow squash, strawberries, eggplant, and corn. I also planted flowers in the middle of the garden because I think they will look nice so there are climbing nasturtiums crawling up some old artichoke stalks, sweetpeas and sunflowers. I think once everything starts growing well I’ll have a very pretty garden. I’ll take more photos when things take off!

I’m excited that  I came back just in time to see my irises in bloom. I’m really going to have to clean them out and trade them off in the Autumn thought because they are getting unruly again.


wisteria off my porch. It is a bit faded but still pretty

artichoke. Paul likes to talk to it and tell it how much he will enjoy eating it. It is sort of weird and also very cute.

artichoke. Paul likes to talk to it and tell it how much he will enjoy eating it. It is sort of weird and also very cute.

first of many foxglove blooms! I love foxglove.

first of many foxglove blooms! I love foxglove.

Cascade hops!

Cascade hops!

blooming sage. It has taken over the lavender plant that grows next to it.

blooming sage. It has taken over the lavender plant that grows next to it.

little white moss flowers. There is moss growing between chunks of concrete that is my back patio. I love the tiny flowers they have.

little white moss flowers. There is moss growing between chunks of concrete that is my back patio. I love the tiny flowers they have.

Paul and I are taking off to the riverhouse tonight after my IPRC shift. I’m really looking forward to getting away for a few days. I need it.

Funeral Potatoes, record organization, playing bike mechanic…

So, I veganazied Funeral Potatoes the other night. Funeral Potatoes is a Mormon casserole that I guess they make for funerals. My friend Mox taught me out to make them but they are dairy overload lots of sour cream, cheese, milk and cream of mushroom soup. ugh. Not to mention the corn flakes on top which just sort of makes casseroles creepy.

I got to portabella mushroom soup, a half tub of better than cream cheese, a red onion, some vegan mozzerella and a ton of frozen hashbrowns. I get a certain perverse pleasure in veganizing things sometimes. It didn’t taste the greatest and let’s be honest? How can you really photograph a casserole and make it look awesome? But it was edible and filling.

hooray for casseroles.... and stuff.

hooray for casseroles.... and stuff.no, really horray for casseroles and stuff

Paul and I reorganized our records to fit into our EXPEDIT (the best record organizer ever!) Our records were getting out of hand with random stacks around the room left over from full moon nights and spontaneous DJ parties. We too the desk that the record player used to sit on upstairs so that Paul has something to put his new laptop on. Well, the desk sat in the middle of our dining room for awhile but we finally got it sorted. I like how it is now. It makes every thing seem closer to the ground. We also hooked Paul’s old computer up to a monitor so we have a computer that we can play the rest of the itunes network on. That’s pretty fun.

hooray for expedit!

hooray for expedit!

Today I went over to spend some time with my sister. I stopped by the Flavour Spot and got two veggie sausage and maple waffels.  We did some catching up, I helped her in her garden and then we sawed off her handlebars. Good times! At one point she said “hey, will you twitter that we are playing bike mechanic just like we used to 20 years ago?” And it’s true! We totally used to play bike mechanic!

my bike is very dirty

my bike is very dirty

Webtar has a knife!

Webtar has a knife!

Then we went and got burritos! I’m still recovering from burrito coma. I replanted some of my seeds that I think didn’t make it through the massive rains we had while I was in Seattle a few weeks ago. I’m also compiling a mental list of things  I can have my sister do in my yard tomorrow when she comes over. There is lots of weeding and planting nasturtiums in my porch planter boxes.

Also, one of our longest housemates is moving onto more scholarly pursuits and housing so we are going to have an open room in our house come May. maybe you know somebody who is interested?

Paul has just figured out how Rugby works and is watching some match on his computer. He’s strangely fascinated by it. I’m going to go and see what the deal is.