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welcome to my basement!

It has been a busy little bit away from the internets which has been nice except that I have been slacking on my work. I got up at 8 this morning and just now finished getting caught up with orders, bill paying, coffee roasting and assembling 1oo copies of Brainscan 24 &25. I love the way the zines look and feel and that they have all these distinctive parts but damn, they take a long time to put together. This what what I spent the afternoon doing:

box of brainscan 24 &25

Paul and I spent the past few days working on some weatherization for the house. We got some duct covers and spray foam to fill cracks and we still need to put in the weather stripping around the doors and silicone sealant around the floorboard and windows. We did exchange a cracked window pane with some plexiglass that we cut a hole in for an exhaust port for our clothes dryer. Then we sealed it up with a shim, some screws and insulation spray foam. It is pretty amazing how much warmer the basement is now!

exhaust port!

And while I’m showing your the dingy basement of my home that is over a century old I may as well show you some other corners. This is all of the stuff on a pallet that I ended up storing for the Portland Zine Symposium. All the signs, workshop materials, info desk stuff, t-shirts from years past, and what not sits in the corner there for most of the year until it is needed.

yup, it has its own little corner.

And don’t ask me about the dates for the symposium this year… Finding dates and a space has been more difficult than usual this year but we hope to have it sorted soon.

And while we are talking about zines, one of my housemates is the zine librarian at the Independent Publishing Resource Center and when the IPRC’s storage space was cleaned out our basement became the new home to over 10,000 zines. This is a photo of some of the pile. A lot of the stuff in the back is empty boxes and even farther back is a bunch of firewood from the two tree branches that fell last year. We have been seasoning them for a year so they burn really clean.

zines, they hold the floor down in our basement.

Paul and I also FINALLY set up my tool bench wit ha peg board. I feel like an adult with all my took in once place and 98% of the tools are mine! I amassed quite the collection while fixing up my house. If I wanted to be completely nuts I’d outline them all with a sharpie like my grandfather did! There is something appealing about the outline of the chainsaw! Also on the bench is my wind up radio and Paul’s 6 track recorder that he can’t find the power cord.

Speaking of recorder… I didn’t take a photo of the practice space in the basement. I have spent 2 out of the last 3 nights in there with Paul. We wrote some lyrics to a song about the first night we spent together where we went to see the opera Carmen, listened to Punk Rock music and then fell asleep listening to Art Bell. Well, Paul spent Sunday recording drum, bass and guitar tracks and I drank most of a bottle of wine when I got home from my IPRC shift to get myself into the singing mood and we recorded it.

After we were done Paul decided that he wanted to do it in a different key so he had to record the bass and guitar tracks again and I had to drink more wine last night to get myself to the singing space. I have yet to hear it again and I hope I’m happy with it. Paul is a critical bastard when it comes to music and he seems happy with it. I’ll post links when we have it on the internets. It is supposed to be part of the music that goes along with my new zine. Writing music with Paul was actually really fun. I have been learning more about music… even though I don’t want to really play anything.

I have had a long day of work and my housemate, Dan, just handed me a swiss alps “rabbit” stew made from the seitan I made yesterday. It smells delicious! Time for food and a beer and some rest.


sick soup, Rick Emerson: A history and some pictures

Paul and I haven’t been feeling too hot. Today he made us a giant vat of soup. I love that he makes me soup from scratch when I’m sick-ish. He chopped up some asparagus and put it in the soup which I never would have thought of. Actually, I might have if I had looked at the soup and thought: This needs something green! I complimented him on making food that looks pretty too see:

Pretty soup!

Pretty soup

I have been listening to Rick Emerson since I was 17. My dad used to listen to him on the drive home when we lived in Salt Lake. He was this wacky aggro hilarious AM DJ that just didn’t belong in Utah… and that’s probably why my dad listened to him and why my little sister and I listened to him too. Paul and I bonded over Rick and the other amusing AM host in SLC Todd when we first met. Why do Paul and I love AM SO much? Who knows but I explained our Art Bell romance here. ears later when I moved to Portland I swear I caught his voice on AM but with a different name but the voice vanished and I didn’t hear it again until a few years later.

In 2001 I found that voice that was a font of useless entertainment… I don’t think my now ex-husband enjoyed it as much as I did, how could he? He didn’t grow up in the cultural wasteland of Utah and couldn’t understand how a voice that was as different as I was in Salt Lake could mean. He also didn’t like Art Bell and frequently referred to George Noory as Geroge “Snorey”.

For years in Portland I have followed Rick and crew across the AM dial. Sometimes half listening as I work at home or in the yard while I work in the garden. When I was on a trip up the east coast I found myself bored of my music collection and started stealing the internets from places so that I could download the podcasts, burn then the rewritable discs and listen to them in my rental car. The trip up the coast led me from Richmond to Portland, Maine going to a zine fests, being and interview subjects for some academics and visiting friends. When I got to Portland, Maine I called the Rick Emerson show. After my isolation of a few days and nothing but discs of the Rick Emerson Show to listen to it seemed like a good idea at the time. The phone call was awkward and confusing, I think most of them are, but I’m glad I did it. From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.

Well, now the Rick Emerson show is changing to FM. I have mixed feelings about that… but also about the new time slot 5am-9am. ugh. I mean, it’s great for them, probably a step up but it looks like I’ll be back to listening on podcasts again for at least the first few hours.  I can manage to get up at 7 and work from bed with my laptop. Rick’s not everyone’s bag of tea.. er what ever. Years of hanging out with Punks and anarchist have made me feel a bit of trepidation to share my love for a show on commercial radio. But hey, I’ve always been a geek. I have played D&D since high school and I have a ridiculous dice collection,  I sell buttons about gaming and I love Doctor Who, Buff the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Gallactica. Also, I love zines. I’m not sure if that makes me geeky but the adoration I have for my post box probably does.

Anyway, I have laundry to do before I leave for Seattle and some orders to pack. I’ll leave you with this. This is what Paul and I do after we finish the crossword. We draw all over the can-you-spot-the-difference guy. It amuses us.



Also, here’s my sock in a picture Paul too of me while working on my Etsy shop:

work work work

aren't the floors we refinished pretty?

Vegan wine and food pairing #1

Paul and I went to bed listening to Ghost to Ghost AM with Art Bell from 1996 last night. We still haven’t been able to track down the episode from the first night we spent together in 1997, but we are still looking.

I have been feeling a little under the weather last night and today. I bought two fancy 22 oz. beers at Whole Paycheck after my IPRC shift last night but I didn’t think I’d enjoy them so I’m saving them until I feel better. I got up at 7ish and work til 3ish so I think a nice rest in bed and watching some TV on the internets is in order while I drink some tea and hope this headache goes away.

Paul’s band I Am My Kat are practicing in the basement and luckily it is just a dull tone, not even loud enough to hear over the freeway up in my room on the second floor. Their last show is on  March 17 at The Know. Unfortunately that’s also St. Patrick’s Day. Being at a bar on that day never seems like a fun time. Oh well, I’m excited to see them play.

I have been meaning to document my foray into wine with Jess and I have been holding off. I was trying to find my tasting notes but they have disappeared. So, you are just going to get some photos of our meal last week.

My friend Jess is a beer and wine steward at the Arbor Lodge New Seasons. She knows her stuff. I think that when we met i probably knew more about beer and she knew more about wine but over the years she has probably surpassed me in beer knowledge and always has with wine. I like the call her my own private Steward… even down to the fact that she opens and pours for me!

We have been working on making these vegan wine pairings for over a year and I have been meaning to document them. So, I’m starting now. Basically I come up with some things to cook and explain the flavors and ingredients and she picks a wine to pair with my food.  what we have learned, that is a surprise to noone, is that my food tends toward the heavier and earthier flavors. I have also realized that my palate is pretty similar when it comes to wines. All I have really learned about tastings is from beer so I ocassionally get made fun of for my language.

With Jess and I it is a cultural exchange: She teaches me about wine and I educate her in obscure 90’s punk and vegan cooking. I think it is a fair trade! We generally have two bottles of wine. Usually a white and a red and listen to records. Sometimes we share with paul… most of the time we don’t.

Last week



Lemuria- Get better


Menage a Trois: 2007 California White Whine (Chardonnay, Muscato, Chenin Blanc) I lost my notes on this but I remember that I enjoyed it. I’m finding that I dig the Muscato grape.

Owen Roe: 2005 Cabernet Franc Columbia Valley I feel bad for not liking this as much as Jess thought I would. I remember that there was this tanic *thing* that I frequently associate with cheap wine… except that I know this was an expensive one. The mouth feel was just really distracting.  jess loves Cab Francs but they are jsut hit or miss with me.

Food: Since we were making lasagna we thought we would make a nice starter platter to snack on while the lasagna was cooking. We made hummus from scratch, chopped up some veggies and olives, roast a clove of garlic and some dolmas. The white wine tasted so fucking good with the dolmas. yum. we even let Paul have some.

Yummy starters

Yummy starters

we devoured the roasted garlic!

we devoured the roasted garlic!

After we wer ethroughly stuffed from that we got our vegan spinach and tofu lassagna out of the oven and snacked on that with the Cab Franc.

earthy and fruity cab franc... and a fancy numbered bottle

earthy and fruity cab franc... and a fancy numbered bottle

That was last week. I’m not sure when we are going to have a meal this week. I leave Friday afternoon for Seattle with Lilly and marc for the Zine Librarian Un-Conference so it would have to be before then. Anyway, all this talk about food is making me hungry. I had some tofurkey Kielbasa with grilled onions and peppers sandwich for lunch and I know we have some artichokes so maybe I’ll make one of those for dinner, they are always so fun to eat!

Musings About Multiple March Anniversaries

January, 25th 1997 was he first time I ever really remember meeting paul was when his band Homesick with our friend Ban played at the ComLam… behind the AutoZone in Roy, Utah. It was  really just someone’s practice space with carpeted walls. On the carpet behind where the band played someone had spray painted “MINOR TREAT” and had <ed in the letter “H” between the the “T’ and the “R”. I never knew if it was a joke ir a mistake, either way it always amused me.

I recognized Paul in the band with my friend Ban from a Down By Law show years ago when I was on the edge of the Pit with my sister and my friend Kate and this kid with a jacket that said “Pub” on the back of it kept running into just us girls. We thought he must be a total dick and punched him every time he came around. For year we just referred to him as pub boy. It turned out that he was just really drunk and didn’t know why all these girls kept punching him. When I saw him at the Comlab show I wondered how “Pub Boy” knew Ben. I traded Ben for a copy of the zine “Lunchroom” that he and “Pub Boy” did. After the show Ben invited us over to “Pub Boy Paul’s” house.

Webly, Andy and I rode back down to Salt Lake and  got to paul’s house…. where we waited for Ben to show. Paul offered to make me coffee from my favorite coffee roaster in SLC. Who was this guy? Then we all hung out in his room where my eyes explored the walls that were plastered with flyers of almost all the same shows I had been to over the years. What was this kid? He had even seen the supposed last Fifteen show at Gilman! How did I now know him?  Then it clicked, I did know him. I had met him when I was 14 at a Dance Club with my friend. I had a tape of his very first band, The Vomited Cockroaches! I blurted that out and didn’t seem to believe me and said he didn’t want to talk about my friend. Ben never showed up so we left.

Paul and I sat down the other day and tried to figure out when our Anniversary is. Does that sound weird? I know that show was January 25, 1997 because I have a flyer. I know the first day we really hung out was a a Friday. I was skipping college to hang out with my sister, Andy, Ben and our puppy Stormy. I know it was in the first week of March and it was a holiday for high school so my sister wasn’t in school. It looks like the first Friday in march 1997 was March 7th.

Webly, Andy, Ben, Story and I loaded into our tiny blue 1980 Mazda Rx-7. The car didn’t so much have a back seat as it has a luggage shelf. We went downtown and the day felt like the first day of spring where the you can actually wear shirt sleeves for the first sime since the year before and the sun warms one side of your face and the chill of winter clings to the other.

I have a photo that someone took on this day, I can’t find it right now or I would post it. It is seared in my mind. it is shot from the back as we are walking down the streets of SLC. I’m wearing and over sized 90’s Queers shirts and holding Stormy’s leash, Webly is in an Aquabats shirt and Ben has a leather jacket. That image represents what would come, one of the best years of my life.

We spent hours wandering around downtown exploring alleys and streets with our puppy… who everyone thought was adorable. We were getting hungry and spare changed a bit of money to buy a bunch of Ramen. Ben had mentioned that Paul had asked about me so I was a bit curious about Paul. We had gotten the Ramen at a grocery store that could have been seen as suspiciously close to Paul’s house. So when I coyly asked “where are we going to eat this” Ben offered up Paul’s hosue 3 blocks away.

So, we sat with a huge tub of Ramen and a puppy on Paul’s kitchen floor. Later Paul and Ben sat on the pool table with an acoustic guitar and had somehow turned Nine Inch Nails- Something I can never have into a jaunty ska song. It was hilarious! We hung around and listened to music. I took Webly, Ben, Andy and Stormy home and Paul and I met some other SLPX kids at Denny’s and discussed Star Wars triva because they were about the re release the first movies. it was good times.

The next day Paul and I went to a show in the basement of DV8 where we sat on an old couch backwards and sang each other Dead Milkmen songs ignoring the bands that were actually on the stage and our friends. I had been trying to figure out if “pub boy” was the jerk I had made him out to be but he was actually pretty cool.

Our first real “Date” if you wanna call it that was about a week later. Paul asked me to come and watch the opera Carmen (classy, eh?) After he got off work we went up to the University Library and watched Carmen in our own little viewing room. I remember we sat on top of a table and made fun of the band “punkadellic” while I rested my head on his leg.

That night we went back to his place. We talked about flyers on his walls and all the shows we had been to. We talked about his band Homesick and listened to their demo tape. He put on a Frank Sinatra album. We talked about my jr. high friend that he didn’t want to talk about, it turns out they had dated the year before and it has ended badly.

At two in the morning he turned on the radio and I was treated to the voice of Art Bell, the late night talk radio guy who has guest talk about UFOs and the paranormal…. I listened to the very same show every night. All of the doubts I had about this kid being a jerk were sort of dispelled. He went from playing Frank Sinatra to a radio show about Aliens!

We had our first kiss that night.

When Paul and I sat down to figure out when our anniversary was were trying to think of this date. I’m pretty sure it was a Thursday night which would make it March 13, 1997. We were trying to figure out exactly what day it was so that we could listen to that Art Bell Broadcast…. cause we are just that geeky. It turns it was the same night as the famous Phoenix Lights… but we were too wrapped up in eachother to remember.

Strangely, looking at the calendar for 1999 it turns out that Paul broke up with me the night of March 12! Almost exactly 2 years later. That is 10 years from this month. Those two years were great though. We shared a post box and made zines. I was the merch girl for this band and went on tour with them. We traveled to the bay area to see Morrissey and to Portland for my 21st birthday. I learned to drink and appreciate good beer. We were a good match but we were young and stupid. Paul, in some sort of pre-life crisis broke my heart for fear of holding me back.

I moved to Portland and we spent 5 years barely speaking. Paul would send me my mail from our shared post box, I saw his new band play in Portland twice but at the end of March in 2004 I took a trip to Utah for research and found Paul again. This part will have to wait for the zine.

Anyway, messiness and stuff ensued. I moved out and then back in with my emotionally abusive husband at the time and finally left him for good at the end of 2005. Paul moved to Portland at the end of February 2006… which is close enough for March for me!  We have been living together for 3 years now. So we sort of celebrate all of March as our anniversary month.

Too bad I’m leaving to Seattle on the 13th for the Zine Librarian Un-Conference, but we do have the rest of the month and the full moon on the 10th.

One of the 3 days around every full moon we try to make a night to spend with eachother. We sort of got this idea from my parents who dance together to a particular song on the full moon. Well, Paul and I make a meal, drink some good beer and take turns playing records for each other and dance together. It is just a nice way of making time to appreciate each other in our hectic schedules… It is also pretty romantic.