Garden shots September 3

I haven’t taken any garden photos mainly because I lost my memory card for my camera somehow. Well, I found my smaller spare one and took some shots the other day and here you go!

My neighbors have this plum tree that comes over into our yard. They say we can eat whatever is on our side of the fence! Right now they are perfect and tasty.

I love this fairy wand plant and how it reaches outside the fence with pink flowers.

I also love this Chocolate Snakeroot. It is purple and green, two of my favorite colors. The flowers are white

My Calendula is growing well this year! I have been harvesting the leave so I can make tea all winter

The last of the borage:

I think this is some kind of Salvia. It is what the one hummingbird that came to our yard really liked. I think it is beautiful.

Poke Weed. It is a weed and is growing in a place it probably shouldn’t but I love the colors so I’ll let it stay!

Lots and lots of hops

I keep meaning to post some of the crafty reuse type things I have done around the house and the yard. In the back on our little patio we have two chairs and a table and I took a housemate’s old box spring and put it up against a fence to use as the thing my hops grow on.

I also have an old bike frame and our old mail bo that I plan on putting in the yard to have things grow in and on. I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

My sister and I made this coat rack with hooks and some trim. We also hot glued wine corks to another strip of trim and made it into a message board above the coat rack. On the left is a Fair Tale Fibers hat that i got off etsy. There are also my two cloaks. I made a brown one and a grey one.

my house is really dusty. I should have cleaned before I took this!

A better photos of the Witchball in my kitchen that I also got of Etsy.

And, last but not least, a photo of me since I haven’t really taken any in awhile. I did something weird to my camera and it only had green and the rest was black and white. I think it looks kind of neat.

Look at more photos here.


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