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International Zine Mon Day 3, 4, and 5

Alright! For the Activity of IZM Day 3 I ordered a zine from Doris Press.

Yesterday the task was to re-read your favorite zines. It seem easy enough, right? I spent the day at the shop pressing buttons and came home and made some food. The Paul and I started going through boxes of old zines. I just kept thinking about a line I wrote for a Copy Scams song:

“My favorite zines are by my friends

and I’ve got room for more of them”

My favorite zines have always been by my friends, or people who became my friends through penpals and travels. So many connections as I dug through boxes stopping to think about the connections to each person. Some I haven’t seen in year, but the feeling was visceral. I could recall exactly how I felt when I retrieved a zine from my mail box of cracked the cover while sitting on the bus.

I’m missing a lot of the “popular” zines. I lost my zine collection in my divorce, but I complained about it publicly enough so that a version of my zine collection was sent back to me.  It was missing old issues of Cometbus, Doris, Burn Collector, etc. But that’s ok. I still had Lunchroom, Paul’s zine that I got from him at a show in 1997, and Maybrick’s Diary and all sorts of mid-90s zines from Salt lake City. Plus, I got back a lot of the zines from my personal penpals. Some of them I lost touch with like nicole from Voice of One from Hamilton, Ontario and Tim from Hello Nothing from Winter Springs, Florida who had the same birthday as me. I wonder where they are?

I took this photo on my table this morning after we sat around reading zines and listening to records last night. I love zines and rereading my favorites reminds me why!zinespread

International Zine Month Day 5: teach yourself a new skill

So, I feel pretty confident in a lot of the zine skills I have. However, I did buy a table top photocopier that arrived last week. I’m finishing up a huge button order and I haven’t let myself play with my new toy yet. I hope to get that order wrapped up today so I can see what it’s got in the way of making some fun photocopier art!


Tomorrow is International Zine Library Day also, the Portland Zine Symposium 24 Hour Zine Challenge starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow is International Zine Library Day! What are you going to do to celebrate?

Tomorrow at 10 am I will be at the IPRC to spend 24 hours making a new zine! I don’t know what the new zine will be about yet, but I hope it will be awesome! the past two years have been really successful. If you would like to be the first to get your hand on the new issue of my zine you can sponsor me for $10 or more. The money goes to the Portland Zine Symposium to help it continue to be an awesome zine event!

Come on, $10 (or more!) will get you:

*my new zine

*button of new design

*31 Days of International Zine Month poster.

*a copy of my 1 page mini zine/com (that’s right! I attempt to draw stuff!)  made about the stuff that happened on July 10th when I worked a 10 hour shift at Portland Button Works.

Speaking of Portland Button Works, we are having a sale for International Zine Month from now until the rest of July! Use the Coupon code: IZM2012 for 10% off! We’d love for your to use it on zines, but it is good for anything in


here’s the zine I made in 2010 at the 24 hour zine challenge. it was about all the postboxes  have ever had.

The cover is so-not my style at all- but I do like it. The new copier at the IPRC does color copies at a reasonable price. I cut all these irises out of an old iris catalog from the 60s. I’m not used to working in color so this was fun. The insert is also in color.


How to get your own 31 Days of International Zine Month poster!

Oh, if you would like a a copy of the 31 activities for International Zine Month poster along with a Portland Button Works Quarterly here’s how you get them. send a self addrssed stamped envelope (SASE) to:

Portland Button Works
1322 N Killingsworth
Portland, Oregon 97217

Also, the Portland Zine Symposium is hosting their 4th annual 24 Hour Zine challenge. This awesome event is a fundraiser for PZS and works like a charity walk. You sponsor a participant (or participants!) and you only have to pay-up if the participant/s finish the challenge! If you sponsor someone for at least $10 you will even receive the zine the participant makes! I have taken part in this event for the past two years and have finished both times.  I will be participating again this year at this event that will be held at the new spacious Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, Oregon on 21 July. I would love love love it if you could help out the Portland Zine Symposium and sponsor me, Alex Wrekk, in the 24 hour zine challenge. There will also be live cams to watch our sleep deprived scribbling….and also so that you can laugh at us.

31 Activities for 31 Days of International Zine Month in July!

Play along at home with 31 Days of International Zine Month in July!

Last year I took a photo of myself in a different zine related shirt every day of International Zine Month. this year I made a calendar of events! You don’t have to do them all, or even do them in order. I just thought it would be fun to have some pointers!

1 – If you have an account on We Make Zines (A social networking site just for zines)  login to talk about International Zine Month. if you don’t have an account yet, start one!
I love zines week
2 – Zine Distro appreciation day.  Order something from a zine distro, or write them a letter or an e-mail telling them you appreciate what they do.
3 – Organize your zine collection. We all know you have stacks of zines by your bed, maybe you should look into doing something about that.
4 – Teach yourself a new skill: how to make a one page zine, a new binding technique, photocopier art, etc.
5 – Check out a different type of zine than you normally read. Why stay stuck in the same box, try something new. It might just surprise you!
6 – Re-read your favorite zines! We all have our favorites, why not sit down and read them again.

7 – Zine reading day! Host, attend, or participate in a zine reading. No zine readings around you? Read outloud to your pet!
8 – Try something new day.  If you draw comics, try writing a personal story.  If you write fiction, try non-fiction.  If you write poetry, try drawing comics.

Postal appreciation week!
9 – Buy some stamps, envelopes or postcards or make your own (envelopes and postcards, that is, not stamps.)
10 – Write a letter to a zine person that you have never written before to let them know you liked what they made.
11 – Create a care package to send to a zine friend filled with neat zine stuff (rub on letters, glue sticks, clip art, etc)
12 – make some mail art, decorate some envelopes, or make an Artist Trading Card.
13 – Send your zine out to be reviewed.

14-  ValenZine’s Day Write your zine crush (we know you have one!), or write to Zine Crush about your zine crush.
15 – make plans to make a split zine with someone.

Zine Library and Education week
16 – Leave a zine in a public place: tacked to a message board, on a bus, in a coffee shop
17 – Teach a friend or family member about zines.
18 – Send your zine to a zine library.
19 – make a zine flyer to send out with your orders and to trade with other zines.
20 – Host a zine workshop or zine party at a local library or community center.

21 – International Zine Library Day! Visit your local zine library! Start a zine library.
22 – Check out Zine Wiki! Add your zine or edit an entry.
Zine Distribution week
23 – Zine Trade Day! ask someone if they would like to trade zines with you.
24 –  Send your zine to a distro for consideration.
25 – Order from a different zine distro than your normally do.
26 – Review a zine in your zine, on your blog, or on your facebook page
27 – Look into consigning your zine at a shop that sells zines.

28 – Free Zine Day! Give the unexpected gift of a zine!
29 – organize a zine event, even if it is a small one

30 – Zine shop appreciation day.  Support your local zine friendly shop today!
31- Take a photo of you with your zine (extra credit if you post it online)

Extra Credit!
-Read a zine everyday
-take part in the 24 hour zine thing
-draw a comic everyday and release a diary comic at the end!

Fingers in too many pies and too many hats on my head…..

I turned 35 last week! It’s the Presidential Birthday (American civics lesson: as stated in Article 2, Section 1 of the US constitution the president must be at least 35 years old.) I don’t want to be President. It seems like a shitty and stressful job. I already have too many “jobs” that are stressful enough, but at least I don’t have to deal with congress.

Anyway, I’m so over trying to organize birthday parties. They end up being too much work with too much expectations. I just went out for a yummy vegan meal with Paul at Portobello and had a drink with some friends.

But there are lots of other things going on!

The Portland Button Works distro and shop are humming along beautifully.

Derek and I released the 6th episode of Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast! We talk about what we have been up to for the past year as well as the upcoming International Zine Month.

Derek and I also organized a 31 Days of International Zine Month with zine related things for you to do each day! What? Last year I wore a zine shirt for each day. How was I going to top that?

We also just put together the Portland Button works Quarterly. It is part zine/part catalog for PBW. It looks like this and is available free with every Portland Button Works order, free at the shop and other places around Portland, or a self addressed stamped envelope sent to the shop.

Two color risograph print, 8 pages.

Let’s see…paul and I have also been working in the garden but I haven’t been taking photos. They all just seem to look pretty similar as years past. I’m working on a new zine to have out by the symposium. I just need to sit down and work on it. I’m also working on the Portland Zine Symposium again and getting stoked for all the guests we are going to have!

International Zine Month Day 22

This shirt was sent to me by Krity Win. Sadly, I have not been to the Auckland Zine Fest. I would love to go someday.

I posted some more photos of my garden on facebook, take a look.

here are some previews:

International Zine Month Day 20

So, here’s another photo from my punk jacket. Hello Nothing was a one page zine from Florida that was made by my penpal Tim. We were pretty good penpals from 2008-2001 or so. I don’t know Tim’s last name or I would search for him. We lost contact years ago. I really enjoyed his one page zine.


He made me this painting in 99 and wrote on the back of it.

in postage we trust.


Last year I wrote a post card to the address that is blurred out in this photo, I never heard back.

If you are our there Tim Nothing, I still have your painting on my wall and I still like real mail. I hope you are having a great life.

A year ago my friend Steve was living in our basement and sharing my office.Also, I made this post about it. I had just gone to see the Swingin’ Utters and had my face mangled by the elbow of a skinhead. Well, it has been a year and I took a new photo of myself to see how the scar had healed. What do you think:

also, I have no idea wat color my eyes are. I just say grey.

International Zine Month Day 19

My sister stopped by at 6:30am this morning  to drop of my mom’s dog, Maggie. (we call it a puppycat) It has this little carrier that it loves to hang out in. I brought the puppycat box upstairs to my room…where Jackie, the cat was sleeping. Jackie was not happy with the intrusion of a dog. Maggie was pretty calm but they had a half hour staring contest before Jackie split.

Maggie is the little one. The one on the right is my aunt's dog, Rex.

In honor of my sister delivery of the adorable puppycat, my International Zine Month shirt has to do with her.  This is part of my oh-so-cool-patch-work-punk-sweatshirt. This was a staple of my wardrobe from about 1996-2000. I also used to do a lot of embroidery and embroidered “ALEX WREKK” across the knuckles. I had to retire it. I didn’t feel like being a walking billboard. I have a few other zine related patches on this sweatshirt so if this cold and rainy Portland weather keeps up, I’ll post some more.

Anyway, Touched By An Anvil was (is?) the zine my sister did. My first zine was Fun in A Bucket that we started together in 1995. I moved on to my own zine, Brainscan, and Webly changed the name of the zine Touched by An Anvil.

Touched By An Anvil! and also an old school Groovie Ghoulies patch.

international Zine Month Day 17 &18

So, over the weekend I participated in the Portland Zine Symposium’s 24 Hour Zine Challenge, AND I FINISHED! That means that all 8 of you (only 8, really?) sponsors need to get your money in so I can send you my new zine. I printed 20 and gave a few away to participants so I’m not sure if there will be any left or if I will reprint them. I need to get my brain back and clear my head. I slept 2 hours in 28. Even after a full night’s rest  I still feel a little off. here’s the order of events:

spent about a hour trying to figure out how I was going to get my zine making stuff plus symposium coffee and snacks and stuff to the IPRC. Finally loaded it all on my bike.


Doug took this photo of me diligently working with laptop AND typewriter.


International zine month day 17: sleep deprived and still wearing the shirt from the day before...but I finished my zine!


The cover is so-not my style at all- but I do like it. The new copier at the IPRC does color copies at a reasonalbe price. I cut all these irises out of an old iris catlalog from the 60s. I'm not used to working in color so this was fun. The insert is also in color.

The theme, following my packing for the event, was "it's complcated" so, I answered complicated questions like "what do you do?"

...and "how long have you and Paul been together?"

with a fold out time line of 20 years showing how long we have known eachother.

Then I went home and slept for two hours and then woke up for a few more hours, enough to watch the new Torchwood and hang out with Paul and then fall asleep again. I need a shower.

International Zine Month day 18 shirt: 2010 Portland Zine Symposium


International Zine Month Day 16

International Zine Month Day 16 shirt: Quimby's books

I got this shirt at Quimby’s after the Chicago Zine Fest this year. I actually got paid out from selling zines and put their money right back into the register to buy this shirt. That’s Korinna with me. We used to have zine adventures all the time, but it’s been awhile. We are both at the IPRC for the 24 hour zine challenge. I haven’t quite started yet. You can watch with the like ustream video feed here.