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International Zine Month Day 23-25

So, I ran out of zine specific shirts. But, I have this skirt that I made out of some corduroy pants an old housemates left and I sewed a typewriter patch on it:

International Zine Month day 23


Yesterday was the 24th of July. It is a holiday in Utah. It is the day that Brigham Young got to Utah and said “this is the place”. There are fireworks and picnics and parades. A few years ago I thought it would be funny to have one in Portland with all the people who had escaped the clutches of Utah. Well, this year  I got a permit at a park and we trekked down the street with our hand carts…actually, a red wagon and a cooler with wheels. It was a lot of fun. We listened to music from Utah and had fun with our friends who had moved her and a few extras that came along. I did not wear a zine shirt, I wore  shirt of Paul and Dave’s old band, The Downers. Did I mention that Dave, my favorite genius drop-out, was visiting us from utah. Well, he is and we have been having lots of great, late night converesation. Good Times!

Today is the 25th and this is about the last of my zine related apparel. I got this typewriter shirt at Wholy Craft in Columbus, Ohio on tour last autumn. I dig it.

So, the other day we were sitting on the porch drinking and talking and a guy came up and parked his Ninja.  idodn’t know they still made those. Jacki had to inspect it and then OJ had to see what it was all about.

Jackie Cat vs. Ninja


OJ cat vs. Ninja

I love these cats.


My Little Pony hair, vegan food, and stuff

My sister told me that my hair looks like a My Little Pony, a bit like this. It’s fading but I think it is sort of neat so I haven’t dyed it yet.

pretty mane!

I got a pasta maker! Paul and I made some raviolis and they were excellent. We made a big batch and ate them over a few days. The first night we just dumped some pasta sauce on them but the second night I made a coconut based vegan alfredo. It is super creamy and savory, not sweet.

vegan ravioli alfredo with sald topped in our new salad favorite, grated beets!

Last night was all about cashew cheese! I made a beer cheese cauliflower soup with a cashew base that was pretty awesome a some vegan mac and cheese with bread crumbs.

Soup and mac and cheese! The soup base has Kingpin red ale in it.

Yesterday was full moon night and after Paul and I spent all day scanning photos of fliers from friends and shows in Salt Lake, we made the food and then got a drink at Pause before heading home to play records and dance. It was really fun. It was not only full moon night, it was paul’s Portlandversary. He’s been in Portland and living with me for 5 years. It has been a really good 5 years.

I made a Facebook photo album of all the photos and fliers from SLPX days in Salt Lake circa 1997-1998. Check it out here.

Me and my first distrto. aw.

headed to Utah! zine storage! New fliers! Vegan funeral potatoes!

So, tomorrow Paul and I are flying to Utah to visit his family and our friends. I was worried that I was going to have to drive in snow after about 11 years of not having done it but it’s looking like it will be relatively nice while we are there. We don’t have any specific plans but I’m sure some will arise. I’m also really excited about going to Cake Walk Vegan Bakery run by the Lovely Kelly Green. I’m not a huge sweets fan but I’m really looking forward to vegan Eclairs and some of the savory yummies that I missed because they were closed last time I was in SLC.

This has been a great mail week! After reorganizing my office I got my new table in the mail. It is great to have a nice big shipping and packing table in the middle of the room. I’m feeling so efficient! I also got a package from my friend Tukru that I had almost thought was lost, a seed catalog, and my computer came back from the fixer just in time for me to leave tomorrow. I was not happy about traveling without it but now I don’t have to!

I forgot to post thus image from my office last time:

Here's how I store button parts, buttons machines, pre-made catalog buttons stored, zines and books.

Also this week I have made new fliers to sent out with zines. I haven ‘t made a flier like this in a long time. Let me know if you would like to send some out with orders for me and I’ll do the same. Feel free to send them to :

Alex Wrekk

5307 N Minnesota ave

portland, oregon 97217

new flier!

I also put some of these together. Brainscan Snack Packs!

10 zines spanning 2002-2010, a Copy of Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2, a CD with a 15 minute zine reading plus 9 tracks of music (The Downers, latenightsleeptv, homesick and The Copy Scams) and various other stickers, buttons and other fun stuff. All for $28!

And since I’ll be headed out to the fair state of Utah I thought i might leave you with images of the vegan funneral potatoes. The only tricky part is getting an equivalent of  condensed soup (yuck!) So I just sauteed onions and mushrooms in lots of butter and then added vegan cream and cooked it down a bit and blended some of it in a food processor. Then threw it in a bowl of frozen hashbrowns with a tub of vegan sour cream, some salt & pepper and an entire package of daiya cheese. Oh, and melted butter to roll the corn flakes in to place on top. Ah, comfort food gut bomb.I’m seriously thinking of having a 24th of July party next summer for Utah ex-patriots next summer. All I need to do now is veganize green jello with shredded carrots.

not much to look at.

Office clean up! X-Files! Headed to utah next week!

My big project this past week has been to reorganize my office. I got rid of some huge metal shelves to realize I had a lot of space! I organized everything around the walls and attached some new shelves higher on the wall. I also ordered a new table to be my shipping table that isn’t here yet. I also haven’t put up all my post cards yet but here are some photos. It is all incredible efficient and it makes me want more work to do because packing order is easier and fun now that the space is all new. maybe order yourself a button or zine, ya?

Not the table that is going to stay there but having a shipping table in the middle of the room is great.

another view with lights! And with part of my lunchbox collection for ages ago.

view of my shipping supplies and part of my wall of postcards and my computer cubby.

New shelves and some postcards and boxes

My bike and a bit of my computer cubby. Note the bike tube nailed to the wall. I like to use clothes pins to hang stuff up there. I have some more posters to hang up still.

My office cubby under the stairs. Yes, I have a forehead scar and spend a lot of time in a small area understairs... I am not harry Potter.

shipping table and a look to the front door.

Check out my cool USPS mug. It says "management academy" on the other side. You will also see the postal rate chart from http://www.undergroundpress.com laminated with packaging tape.

paper cutter, zine supplies, bins of stuff and some herbs

I set up one of my typewriters so that i'll use it more. Let's hope it works!

While my bedroom looks less like it belongs to a teenage, my office can’t avoid that fate and I’m completely fine with that. I just hope I can keep it clean enough to not feel embarrassed when people come over to pick up buttons. Also, my computer has been sent away to take advantage of having everything fixed before the warranty runs out and I have been borrowing Paul’s computer. We have still been watching X-Files and have made it to Season 4 and have caught up to the point where we started watching it the first time we dated in Utah in 1997. It is sort of sweet when we are both like “Oh, ya I remember this airing right after Webly’s generator show birthday party where the police helicopter came.” or “I think we missed this one because we were on tour with Homesick.”


Speaking of Utah, I made vegan funeral potatoes the other night. Photos soon! Also, we are headed to Utah on Thursday. I hoping for a little snow but not too much., It has been several years since I have driven in snow and we have a rental car. So, Utah folks, what’s going on that is interesting next weeken

This sort of creeps me out…

Someone took parts of my zine and made a video. At least they sort of credited me I guess. I just wish they would have told me because I might have helped them out.

In other news, I’m attempting to make vegan sausage tonight. Jess is coming over with the wine at 8. I’ll be sure to take some photos of the process.

Mostly just a list of things

My parent’s 35th wedding anniversary was celebrated on Saturday. I went up to the Riverhouse to see them and a lot of their friend who still live in this area to be told how much I look like my mom. My aunt came down from Gig harbor. My grandmother passed away last summer and my aunt is taking it really hard. Since my divorce a few I have become a lot closer to my family and since my grandmother’s death. I keep thinking that I really should spent more time with all of them.

One of my friends from Utah was in town for a job interview yesterday. he had a tiny window of time to hang out before another interview so I spent a few hours hanging out with him. It was good to see him. I hope he gets the job because it would be nice to have old friends in town. Paul has a few now and one of them is even subletting in our house right now.

I had a zine symposium meeting last that went pretty well. things are winding down and getting hammered out. We have been getting some crap from people for our strict 51% zines and books on your table rule. We are really trying to exclude the craft tables who just use zine events as a place to sell things because the tables are a lot cheaper than craft fairs. I think that because of the longevity that preserving the zine integrity of our event is really important. If people don’t get that then they don’t understand what a zine event is about.

Did I mention the review of Brainscan I got in the Library Journal? I think it is pretty cool.

Do you know what else is cool? Somehow there are still tickets left to see Jarvis in San Francisco. I think Paul and I are going to fly down just to see the show. Paul missed seeing Pulp in Denver in 1996 because Jarvis was sick so we can’t miss this chance! It is right after the portland zine symposium, talk about a hectic week.

Oh ya, I finally bought a new color laser printer. My old printer wouldn’t network and couldn’t run on Vista and then it ran out of yellow toner. I could have bought a new yellow toner cartridge for $100 or just get a new printer. I now I have a nice but older color laser printer if anyone wants to buy it for $200 OBO.  I’m also going to have a sale on buttons soon in celebration of my new printer!

But, right now I have to clean my office and finish my coffee.

Musings About Multiple March Anniversaries

January, 25th 1997 was he first time I ever really remember meeting paul was when his band Homesick with our friend Ban played at the ComLam… behind the AutoZone in Roy, Utah. It was  really just someone’s practice space with carpeted walls. On the carpet behind where the band played someone had spray painted “MINOR TREAT” and had <ed in the letter “H” between the the “T’ and the “R”. I never knew if it was a joke ir a mistake, either way it always amused me.

I recognized Paul in the band with my friend Ban from a Down By Law show years ago when I was on the edge of the Pit with my sister and my friend Kate and this kid with a jacket that said “Pub” on the back of it kept running into just us girls. We thought he must be a total dick and punched him every time he came around. For year we just referred to him as pub boy. It turned out that he was just really drunk and didn’t know why all these girls kept punching him. When I saw him at the Comlab show I wondered how “Pub Boy” knew Ben. I traded Ben for a copy of the zine “Lunchroom” that he and “Pub Boy” did. After the show Ben invited us over to “Pub Boy Paul’s” house.

Webly, Andy and I rode back down to Salt Lake and  got to paul’s house…. where we waited for Ben to show. Paul offered to make me coffee from my favorite coffee roaster in SLC. Who was this guy? Then we all hung out in his room where my eyes explored the walls that were plastered with flyers of almost all the same shows I had been to over the years. What was this kid? He had even seen the supposed last Fifteen show at Gilman! How did I now know him?  Then it clicked, I did know him. I had met him when I was 14 at a Dance Club with my friend. I had a tape of his very first band, The Vomited Cockroaches! I blurted that out and didn’t seem to believe me and said he didn’t want to talk about my friend. Ben never showed up so we left.

Paul and I sat down the other day and tried to figure out when our Anniversary is. Does that sound weird? I know that show was January 25, 1997 because I have a flyer. I know the first day we really hung out was a a Friday. I was skipping college to hang out with my sister, Andy, Ben and our puppy Stormy. I know it was in the first week of March and it was a holiday for high school so my sister wasn’t in school. It looks like the first Friday in march 1997 was March 7th.

Webly, Andy, Ben, Story and I loaded into our tiny blue 1980 Mazda Rx-7. The car didn’t so much have a back seat as it has a luggage shelf. We went downtown and the day felt like the first day of spring where the you can actually wear shirt sleeves for the first sime since the year before and the sun warms one side of your face and the chill of winter clings to the other.

I have a photo that someone took on this day, I can’t find it right now or I would post it. It is seared in my mind. it is shot from the back as we are walking down the streets of SLC. I’m wearing and over sized 90’s Queers shirts and holding Stormy’s leash, Webly is in an Aquabats shirt and Ben has a leather jacket. That image represents what would come, one of the best years of my life.

We spent hours wandering around downtown exploring alleys and streets with our puppy… who everyone thought was adorable. We were getting hungry and spare changed a bit of money to buy a bunch of Ramen. Ben had mentioned that Paul had asked about me so I was a bit curious about Paul. We had gotten the Ramen at a grocery store that could have been seen as suspiciously close to Paul’s house. So when I coyly asked “where are we going to eat this” Ben offered up Paul’s hosue 3 blocks away.

So, we sat with a huge tub of Ramen and a puppy on Paul’s kitchen floor. Later Paul and Ben sat on the pool table with an acoustic guitar and had somehow turned Nine Inch Nails- Something I can never have into a jaunty ska song. It was hilarious! We hung around and listened to music. I took Webly, Ben, Andy and Stormy home and Paul and I met some other SLPX kids at Denny’s and discussed Star Wars triva because they were about the re release the first movies. it was good times.

The next day Paul and I went to a show in the basement of DV8 where we sat on an old couch backwards and sang each other Dead Milkmen songs ignoring the bands that were actually on the stage and our friends. I had been trying to figure out if “pub boy” was the jerk I had made him out to be but he was actually pretty cool.

Our first real “Date” if you wanna call it that was about a week later. Paul asked me to come and watch the opera Carmen (classy, eh?) After he got off work we went up to the University Library and watched Carmen in our own little viewing room. I remember we sat on top of a table and made fun of the band “punkadellic” while I rested my head on his leg.

That night we went back to his place. We talked about flyers on his walls and all the shows we had been to. We talked about his band Homesick and listened to their demo tape. He put on a Frank Sinatra album. We talked about my jr. high friend that he didn’t want to talk about, it turns out they had dated the year before and it has ended badly.

At two in the morning he turned on the radio and I was treated to the voice of Art Bell, the late night talk radio guy who has guest talk about UFOs and the paranormal…. I listened to the very same show every night. All of the doubts I had about this kid being a jerk were sort of dispelled. He went from playing Frank Sinatra to a radio show about Aliens!

We had our first kiss that night.

When Paul and I sat down to figure out when our anniversary was were trying to think of this date. I’m pretty sure it was a Thursday night which would make it March 13, 1997. We were trying to figure out exactly what day it was so that we could listen to that Art Bell Broadcast…. cause we are just that geeky. It turns it was the same night as the famous Phoenix Lights… but we were too wrapped up in eachother to remember.

Strangely, looking at the calendar for 1999 it turns out that Paul broke up with me the night of March 12! Almost exactly 2 years later. That is 10 years from this month. Those two years were great though. We shared a post box and made zines. I was the merch girl for this band and went on tour with them. We traveled to the bay area to see Morrissey and to Portland for my 21st birthday. I learned to drink and appreciate good beer. We were a good match but we were young and stupid. Paul, in some sort of pre-life crisis broke my heart for fear of holding me back.

I moved to Portland and we spent 5 years barely speaking. Paul would send me my mail from our shared post box, I saw his new band play in Portland twice but at the end of March in 2004 I took a trip to Utah for research and found Paul again. This part will have to wait for the zine.

Anyway, messiness and stuff ensued. I moved out and then back in with my emotionally abusive husband at the time and finally left him for good at the end of 2005. Paul moved to Portland at the end of February 2006… which is close enough for March for me!  We have been living together for 3 years now. So we sort of celebrate all of March as our anniversary month.

Too bad I’m leaving to Seattle on the 13th for the Zine Librarian Un-Conference, but we do have the rest of the month and the full moon on the 10th.

One of the 3 days around every full moon we try to make a night to spend with eachother. We sort of got this idea from my parents who dance together to a particular song on the full moon. Well, Paul and I make a meal, drink some good beer and take turns playing records for each other and dance together. It is just a nice way of making time to appreciate each other in our hectic schedules… It is also pretty romantic.

Hooray for me and my “green” womb!

I hadn’t really thought of it before but the fact that we use and IUD as a form of birth control creates less waste, is nonpollutant like hormonal BC, and is the most effective form of birth control. This article refers to the IUD as the greenest form of BC. I wrote a zine about my IUD. I have and eco-womb!

When Paul and I were in Utah last fall we went to the huge Kennecot Copper mine among other touristy things we never did when we lived in Utah. Standing at the rim of the huge pit I made a joke about the copper from IUD coming from very mine!

Better things than Valentine’s Day…

Paul and I don’t celebrate holidays like Valentine ’s Day. Even when we dated when we were younger we thought it was just silly. We don’t celebrate Valentine’s but we do celebrate the whole month of March and every full moon, more on those at another time.

Every time I write or talk about Paul to someone new or somewhere new I feel like the back story is in order. The short of it:

We met over 15 years ago in Utah, started dating 10 years ago and dated for 2 years. Paul broke my heart and I moved to Portland. We spent 5 years not talking to each other. After 5 years we found each other again and through many complications he moved to Portland and we have been living together for almost 3 years to the day.

We make each other very happy. We give each other enough space for our own projects and make time to share crucial awesmoeness with each other. I am very thankful that we each had time to grow up so that we could be together again. I love that we came from the same geographic and musical location and timeline. I am grateful for a partner that supports me, trusts me, respects me, appreciates me and my work and that we can celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

So, even though we don’t celebrate Valentine ’s Day there are two cool things going on tomorrow. The first is that the Murder City Devils are doing a reunion tour and their Portland show is Saturday. My sister and I were stoked so I got four tickets for some sort of weird default Valentine’s double date with her and Mr. Bolsh. I think we first saw the Murder City Devils in Utah in the basement of DV8 in 1998 with The Queers. I remember drinking in the bar  upstairs with Paul. That seems like a long time ago. I also saw them at the second to last show here in Portland in 2001. This show should be fun.

And that is also the same day as Zwickelmania, the Oregon Breweries open house. Mmmm craft beer!

I started drinking when I was dating Paul in the 90’s when I was 20 years old. He is 6 months older than me and was the one who bought me beer. He was a beer snob and by the transitive property I became a beer snob. I never drank in high school so I was spared the stupid youthful binge drinking, and with paul’s help, I skipped right to appreciating porters and stouts.

Beer is one of the reasons I  moved to Portland. Hell, Paul and I came to Portland for my 21st birthday… for the beer! Craft beer is some think we thoroughly enjoy brewing and drinking, more so the drinking.So having a valentine’s beer open house date and a show is just right up our alley.

Tonight though, Paul, Androo and I are going to see this weeks episode of Battlestar Galactica at The Bagdad, one of Portland’s fine brewery theatre pubs!