I’m getting better.

The Sick seems to have turned to a different kind of Sick and I keep getting sparatic headaches but I have to cough but I can’t have a one of those deep fulfilling coughs because it makes my head feel like it will shatter. At least I’m not having fever dreams about quests that involve photocopiers anymore!  I am left with this gunk in my lungs to hack up that would probably be given a swift death if I had antibiotics but seeing as I’m of the masses of uninsured I’ll be with the hacking for a week or so. I guess I’m fine with that. you know, the whole what doesn’t kill us thing is sort of true with the body. At least my immune system is strong enough to fight stuff off and grow.

I built a fortress of button making around me in bed for a few days to tackle the orders that amount to about 7,000 buttons this week. It’s a good week! It’s getting me thinking about spending the money on tattoos, a great birthday present for Paul (he turns 33 on Thursday. Bummer to have a birthday on a Thanksgiving), travel again or probably just paying off bills which is no fun but more useful.

Yesterday I was going to do downtown to make more copies of my zine but I got distracted and the rain was raining and windy more than it was when I decided to go downtown.  I talked myself out of making copies Saturday because I already missed the postal carrier for the day and I may as well just go Sunday and rest up some more. Paul suggested we got to Pause and do a crossword puzzle. He had a beer and I decided to have a hot toddy because apparently whiskey is always good for you when you are sick? I also had some of their yummy soup, which was much better than my soup at home that I have been living off of for the past week. They always have a veggie option for soup and this one was a smoked pepper creole. The red color was also much prettier than the brown sludge in my pot at home.

Paul and I came home, I made buttons, and tea, and later James came over with a bottle of Whiskey because I had mentioned Hot Toddys. We hung out listening to records. he had wine and I had two more hot toddy’s and 2 pots of tea while putting pin backs in until I was about to fall asleep on him discussing the relative merits of the theory of science.

This morning I got up with Paul at 6;30, which is better than the usual 5:30 but still annoying that I am incapable of sleeping in unless I’m really sick like the other day when I slept in to 11. Also, we finished with our interviews for housemates and chose one we think will fit the best with our house and came recommended by my favorite photography wizard and cauldron of magical no sick soup. This morning I got an “anonymous” e-mail that I can only assume comes and angry soon to be ex-housemate of her’s with vague allegations of driving an old best friend mad and skipping out on them with two weeks notice that read just a childish as she had described her living situation as “Mom” in a den of lost boys who would rather hide from her than pay bills. Paul and I had a laugh about it. This is my fucking house and I think I’d be able to kick someone out before they drove me mad.

Anyway, time to get on with the day of photocopying and then packing up several orders that have been delayed due to the photocopier at the IPRC being out of paper and also, The Sick. I might meet James for some lunch later too. The wind and cold and rain give me a good excuse to wear a cloak today. I like those sorts of days.


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