Happy Birthday to Paul!

I’m cleaning up a few things before Paul and I leave for the Riverhouse after his band practice. There are just so many little things to get done. I’ll still me making buttons while we are there but at least I’ll have a river to look at.  Paul’s birthday is on Thanksgiving which is sort of a bummer for him but we are going to get up there tonight before family and puppy children show up.

Sometimes we have what Paul called “grammi meals” because my grandma used to make similar means of little cups of things that you put on your own plate to eat. We also use the term “snacky” but our snacky isn’t dorritos and whatnot. Our snacky is stuff like this this little bowls: slices of good bread, hummus, olives, pickled okra, slices of apples, crackers, roasted garlic in the bulb, veggies, and fancy cheese for Paul. We also drink good beer and wine too. I actually bought Paul a really nice bottle of port for his birthday which I’m sure we will imbibe.

And when I get back on Thursday night I’m sure I’ll have lots of orders to pack and hecticness to wrangle but tonight I’m going to take a little time off.


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