The Sick

I think I have The Sick. I can’t really complain though. I traveled all over the continent on trains and plans for four weeks and didn’t get sick so I count myself sort of lucky.  I can’t complain that I’m home in my cozy bed with Paul making me tea and soup, ya know?

I started feeling uggie last night after we brought a pizza home from Eddie’s (The best pizza in Portland! and conveniently located right by my house) They I got a head ache and a fever and went to be right after watching the Doctor Who-Waters of Mars which was totally depressing… except for the jokes about The Doctor having wikipeida in his brain. I drank a bunch of tea and went to sleep. Jackie came with me and stayed with me all night.

This morning I felt more or less ok so I drank more tea and got more work done (lots of impending button orders!) I talked with my rad friend Zach online who told me about his new blog. He’s the one with the wizard photography blog over there —————–> well, he has a new blog that is No More Sick Friends. It is pretty rad stuff about healthy things. I started feeling crappy this afternoon and sent Paul to the store to get me tea and juice and fixins for the Fuck this Sickness Soup.  Then I took a nap with Jackie who hasn’t really left my side when I have been in bed.

Tonight we are meeting with a potential new housemate and we are meeting with some more tomorrow. My big plan was to make them play Apples To Apples with us but not sure what my fever brain can handle. Either way we’ll have a new addition to our house by this weekend. Which will be way rad. Ok, more napping with Jackie and some soup to eat.


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