International Zine Month Day 15

International Zine Month Day 15 shirt: Pander Zine Distro I miss Pander Zine Distro and the accompanying message board. This was a shirt that I cut too short so I couldn't wear it anymore so I turned it into a patch on another shirt. What's that in the background? Oh, it's just my Risograph machine named, Rizzo!


Last night Paul and I hung out with our new, soon to be housemate. After that, Paul and I had our full moon night playing records and dancing, as we do. I declared last night that Tones On Tail is the most underrated band ever. They are so good!

Today Paul and I are going to rip out some more of the annoying grass in our yard. Grass in dumb. Later we are going to a show but I have to get to bed early to get up bright and early

 Tomorrow at 10am starts the 3rd annual 24 Hour Zine Challenge!

If you go here and sponsor me in the 24 Hour Zine Challenge and donate $10 to the Portland Zine Symposium you will get whatever creation I come up with. Last year it was a zine full of storeis about all the post boxes I have ever had. If you sponsor me for $25 I’ll send some extra special goodies like stickers and buttons. In the words of my mother “It’s a pretty good bet that you’ll finish” and she sponsored me for $25!


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