Bathroom remodel…sort of.

Years ago the rotten floor and part of the wall were replaced in the bathroom along with putting in an ill-fitting surround and god awful glass shower doors. It was a tiny bathroom and the shower doors just made it smaller. Paul and I had been scheming about taken them out but I feared they were stuck on with liquid nails. Turns out it was secured with crappy rotting caulking and a few screws that didn’t come anywhere near being secured into a stud. Sweet! This made our life a lot easier. We ripped out the shower doors and I worked on re-priming and painting then went on a quest to find a shower rod while the paint dried. Turns out Fred Meyer doesn’t sell shower but our kind next door neighbor took us to somewhere that did.

Over the past few weeks I’ve patched holes, and we have taken out the ugly mirrored medicine cabinet and replaced it with a large flat mirror while I collected other random bit like my new obsession, air plants! With the medicine cabinet gone and the shower curtain gone mixed with the new mirror it looks like the bathroom is twice as big!  here are some photos

we have a shower curtain!


Mirror! Mirror! and an awesomely ugly candle holder.


Painted ceiling and beam and part of the window.


Cieling and trinket shelf. We have such high cielings that I had to do something with this space. Also, I have so much weird stuff, I had to do something with this space.


Shelf of random stuff.


Airplatns are my new favorite thing. I have a bunch of little ones hanging around the bathroom. I kind of want to name them like pets!


air plant and globe that my sister gave me for my birthday.


putting wooden boxes on walls is my favorite form of organization.


You can almost see my office from the mirror. The idea of the trinket shelf was so you can see it when you look in the mirror.


Poppies from my yard

Tray on top of toilet tank with Paul’s old map.


Hey look, it's me!


Ok, back to button making! I’ll have some more photos of my tiny kitchen to post soon.


3 responses to “Bathroom remodel…sort of.

  1. Looks greatttt! Would love to visit again sometimeee 🙂 xoxo

  2. Love the beam, ceiling, and trinket shelf! But that brass candle holder really is gawd awful. A picture of OJ might look nice there instead…

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