You should come to my zine reading tonight and a couple other things

Tonight is the zine release for Brainscan 25. I have been working on this zine on and off since 2004. Come hear me read some stuff and pick up the new issue in the shiny new gocco printed envelopes with other goodies in them.

I talked paul into playing a few acoustic songs before I read. He, however, did not convince me to sing with him. He’ll be performing some of the songs that will be on the audio soundtrack to the zine. Some of the songs are here, including the very last one where paul did convince me to sing back up vocals.

I hung out with my new housemate M the other night. We just drank some wine and talked about stuff. I forgot that there is a photobooth at a bar that is walking distance from my house. How rad is that to live within walking distance of a photobooth?

Paul and I went to see Jonathan Richman last night. It was really fun and felt a bit like a childrens’ rock show for adults. Lots of giggles and silly dancing but full of smartness. We came home and played records and danced for our full moon dance night. December has two full moons so we’ll get to dance on the blue moon too this month at the very end of the year.

Wow, the end of the year is coming. It has been a super awesome year in the zine department. Paul was joking and calling me a zine ambassador after traveling 4 countries for zine related activities. But it has been an active zine year. I put out the new Stolen Sharpie Revolution, two new zines, attended 7 zine events including the zine librarian (un)conference and organized yet another successful Portland Zine Symposium.

It has also been an awesome year for bands we have seen. I’m not going to list them here because I really need to get to work. I have a huge button order that has been hanging over my head. I’ll write a more comprehensive year end post once it gets closer to being over.


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