Happy Sunday!

A bunch of us went to Slappy Cakes this morning. It’s a restaurant where they have griddles built into the tables and you can make your own pancakes! It was gimicky and fun.I had a green Bloody Mary (I opted out on the non-vegan one with worcestershire sauce full of anchovies and accompanied by a stick of bacon, ew.) I think it was made with tomatillos and was yummy and green. Here’s a picture of my delighted sister making vegan pancakes:

She resorted to plain circles after many unusual shapes. I think the ones on the plate says "I ❤ food"

My housemate Marc’s cat was attacked by something. We keeping saying it was a Chupacabra but it was more likely a raccoon or something. Either way he needed 21 stitches and a tube to drain the bad junk out. I’d feel worse for him but he’s got an “Elizabethan” cone that make his look ridiculous. He spends a lot of time outside and the idea of him being inside for 2 weeks is going to drive him crazy. Especially since jackie still gets to go out.

poor OJ

I spent the afternoon gocco printing the new envelopes that go with my new zine so I’ll have them ready for my reading on Thursday. All three of the zines fit into these nice envelopes from recycled materials that I have been holding onto for at least 4 years. I’m glad I finally get to use them! I used the Brainscan Key design that I put on t-shirts a few years ago. I think I’m going to make some more shirts soon. I’ll need to stock up on used shirts or make an order for new ones.  I wish shirts weren’t so expensive.

Anyway, here’s what the package deal with my new zine looks like: Brainscan 24 (small 32 pages with vellum covers), Brainscan 25 (80 pages with transparency covers), a16 page epilogue all tucked into a gocco printed envelope. I’m throwing in some small stickers of the brain design and buttons with some order. They can be ordered here.

brainscan 24 &25

Currently I’m on shift at the IPRC. I haven’t been in here much since I have been back and I feel sort of out of the loop. I think I need to go read the staff log and get up to speed.


One response to “Happy Sunday!

  1. Pancakes and Brainscans make me happy!

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