In the final days

I made it back to London safely and currently I’m at Edd and natalie’s house. Robb and I had an event at the Pogo cafe last night. We were supposed to have one at Freedom Books tonight but Robb wasn’t able to change his plant ticket so he is headed back to the US.

Last night had a lot of heavy stuff about the Angola 3, the Black Panthers and political prisoners. I wasn’t really in the mood to read my silly stories so I talked about the creation of Stolen Sharpie Revoution, read the intro and tried to the tie the DIY spirit and the versatility of zines as a vehicle for any sort of movement or expression. I think it went over well. Then I answered some questions. I also had a vegan cheese and vegan bacon muffin.

So, since the conductors seems to always forget to mark my britrail pass I have 3 days left of travel in England. I’m headed down to Brighton today to hang out with Isy. I just haven’t gotten enough of her I guess. Also, she is the only one with a flexible enough schedule and I wanna try some of her fantastic food. Then i’ll head back to London tomorrow for a reading at 56a and then to the Defiance, Ohio show up by Natalie and Edd’s house.

Thursday morning I get up early and catch a plane home. I’m getting excited about home. Paul has been sending me crappy cell phone photos of my yard and it is making me antsy when I see all the weeds and ow the little seeds have grown and my irises have been blooming a rainbow of color to ring around the house. soon enough…


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