Back from Brighton…again

Got back from France the other day and chilled at Natalie and Edd’s flat. Then had a reading at the Pogo cafe. It was Robb last night. He was going to try to change his ticket but it was going to cost too much money. He went to stay with some other folks and flew home the next day. I stayed with Edd and Natalie and then headed down to Brighton in the Morning to meet Isy at the Cowley Club where I ate some of her yummy food.

We hung out in Brighton in her garden and went to her woman’s group then to an old man’s pub. I love UK pubs. It is like being in sommene’s living room sort of. Then headed back to her house to talk about buffy the vampire slayer and how no one ever taught us to wear makeup while listen to 90’s hard core and drinking cider. Good times!

She had to go to work in the morning so we walked to the base of Trafalgar road and I wandered around town for a bit and make a trek to the Vegetarian Shoes store. I had been seeing ads for the store since the early 90’s in Vegetarian Times magazine and had always wanted to go there. Well, they were closed so I took a photo. Not that I have room to carry shoes home anyway. Then I caught a train back to London.

If you ever plan to visit the Uk I highly suggest getting a Britrail pass. They are only availalbe to people from other countries. I paid $250 for a 4 day flex pass that came with an extra day. So, 5 days of rail travel in England. The thing is that NO BODY EVER LOOKED AT IT! Only two conductors even mkkred it off after 7 days of travel. I just sort of waved it by the people at the handicapped entrance and they let me go through without even looking at it! It is only good for 2 months but I have three days left that I am leaving with Natalie and Edd so they they can use them… and maybe or maybe not get them marked. They also never checked ID either. so weird.

Tonight I have a reading at 56a and then I’m going to the Defiance, Ohio gig and then tomorrow I head home.  It all seems to have gome by so fast! I am already planning a zine about this trip.  I leave at 11am and will get home at 6pm but there are 8 hours of time difference in there too. ugh.

I’m excited to see Paul and the garden and the cats that live at my house. Once I have everything sorted and bills paid I think I’ll disappear to the Riverhouse for a few days of much needed decompression!


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