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wisdom teeth, the Eugenic Dentist, the stupid facebook zoo game, and possibly looking for a subleter

Portland false spring came early! This could mean that we will get another one in February or that it will be miserable until May. I worked in my yard a bit over the past couple of days. It really needed it since I wasn’t around to do my winterizing last autumn.

I woke up this morning with a sore molar. It wasn’t hurting last night and some how within 7 hours it just started hurting. It was my stupid wisdom tooth. Every couple of years it moves enough to irritate me and shift all my other teeth around. It got me wondering why I didn’t have my wisdom teeth out when I was younger, my sister did. My dad had his out sometimes in his 30’s and ended up with an infection and in the hospital for awhile. I would worry about my body’s reaction to having them out but I’m probably healthier than he was and I don’t smoke. I just don’t want to go. This whole being an adult this is no fun. Why can’t my mom just make an appointment for me and write a note to get me out of school?

I only have 3 of the 4 molars and only 3 of 4 wisdom teeth have shown up on X-rays. I guess my dentist I hated in Utah didn’t seem to think that it was necessary for me to have them out. I sometimes joke that he was the eugenics dentist. He seriously told me that the problem with my mouth was that I had a European jaw and American Indian teeth and that interbreeding was the problem….Now, as a 12 year old my politics were not fully formed but I knew that was a fucked up think to say. He also told me that I would either have to have my back bottom right molar pulled out or have a fake bottom one put in because the top one would grow and fall out because nothing held it up. what?

5 years ago I went to the dentist for the first time in 7 or 8 years. I went to the OHSU dental school and had one student work on my teeth for a couple months. It was tedious and time consuming but I felt like I got really good service done. Well, I’m going to call tomorrow and start at process all over again. ugh.

In other news:

-I made 2 different kinds of vegan cheese from cashews today. Some went into lasagna and some I’m aging overnight.

-I have been playing a stupid zoo game on facebook. It all started with Paul finally getting a facebook and then he started playing the game and I decided that I could play it better than him. I proved him right but now I can’t stop playing. I just wish I had  more work to distract me.

-I have started doing morning stretches and  meditation and taking vitamins again and it feels good.

-I set up my seed tray by the window in our room so I can plant a bunch of seeds on February 2nd like I do every year. 2 weeks ago I ordered seeds from Park Seeds and I have been checking to see when they would ship. They still hadn’t shipped today so I wrote to say that I have been working in mail order for 10 years and I find it completely unacceptable when they say that orders will ship between 5-7 days. They said that they hadn’t even gotten they seeds from their supplier yet? So, I canceled the order and I’ll just buy more seeds tomorrow when I get coffee and make a button trade off with someone.

-Jackie the Cat has decided he is my best friend again and has been sleeping next to me at night. He sort of plays Goldilocks with the housemates but probably spends the most time with me.

-We might possibly have a sublet opening in our house for a few months. If you know anyone cool who might like a place to stay for a few months let me know.