Birthday weekend with waffles and slugs…but no slug waffles.

Yup, I'm 33 and redyed my hair blue. In the back is a large poster I made of Brainscan zine art for a gallery show last year.

Friday night Theresa and I went up to the Riverhouse and James met us. We had a fire and talked late into the night. Saturday I came back to pick up Paul and Dan and Blue and Andy showed up while I was gone.  Later Lisa, Marc, Thomas, and James showed up.

There was a jam session with acoustic giutar, acoustic bass, and ukulele on the back porch by the river.

more hippy stuff

Blue and I found two slugs and one was really big!


I took this photo and it came out blurry but I sort of think that fits the mood of the evening. This was before we lit the fire. I didn't take my camera out when we had a fire because even after drinking I knew it was a bad idea.

That night Paul and I had a bed inside but decided to sleep in a tent by the bonfire, which was pretty rad. Then, at about 6am, it started raining. When things in the tent started to get wet we decided to head inside for the rest of the sleepytime.

ok, so I don't have any pictures of the finished waffles but they were great! We put daiya cheese and chopped up bits of broccoli in some. The broccoli steamed perfectly! We also made some with soyrizo and daiya and they were tasty too!

Paul works at Voodoo Doughnuts and brought home two buckets of doughnuts for a friend. I woke up to two huge buckets of doughnuts on my porch. I thought I would share this with you. I'm not really a sweets peprson but I still find this ridiculous and awesome.


9 responses to “Birthday weekend with waffles and slugs…but no slug waffles.

  1. Wow! Those slugs are AMAZING! I wish we had ones out here that looked that awesome.

  2. Unlike some folks I don’t think dying ones hair fun colors has an age limit. I’m glad to see the blue again.

    The riverhouse looks like an awesome place to be.

    I have a huge sweet tooth & can’t wait for Voodoo Doughnuts!

    • I guess it doesn’t so much when I live in Portland. I just spent years trying to not stand out that it throws me of now when I do.

      I wish I had time to take all my zine friends coming to town up to the Riverhouse when they are here!

      Voodoo has some ridiculous doughnuts. I’m sure you’ll be stoked.

  3. The Riverhouse looks so amazing! I’m sad I missed out on the waffles. Can you believe I don’t own a waffle maker? Dumb huh! I think I should grab one this weekend!

  4. Alex! Don from Kentucky here. Happy birthday!

    I’m teaching a zine class/workshop this summer at a literacy center here in town, and I convinced them to order SSR for all of my students.

  5. Also, Daiya cheese is heavenly!!!

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