Three things today!

1) Submissions for Artwork for the 2010 Portland Zine Symposium are due today! Go here for more info.

2) I will be reading with a host of portland zinesters and small press authors at Powell’s Books in Downtown Portland today as part of Smallpressapalooza! The event starts at 5 but I won’t be reading until 9pm. Go here to see who all will be performing.

3) I’ll be performing so late tonight because my friend Caleb is coming in to town and I’m going to go meet him at the airport! Caleb is one of the lovely people I met while I was in Halifax at the Anchor Archive Zine Residency I’m really excited to show him my city! We plan to take trips to the coast, and to the Riverhouse plus all sorts of bicycle adventures in Portland.

The past week has been filled with large button orders, laser printer woes that has me chatting with tech support for hours, a sick animal in the family, cleaning house, small cuts and minor injuries to my hands and fingers, practicing for the reading at Powell’s, and Paul and I celebrating our 13th, 6th, and 4th anniversaries.


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