making progress on my zine!

The past two days in Halifax have been beautiful. yesterday I went on a long walk looking for a restaurant that I didn’t find. Maybe for lunch tomorrow? Today Sarah and I went on a bike ride down into the city and along to boardwalk. It is off season but the remains of tourists are still here. The are still getting giant cruise ships this time of year!

Then we rode down to the south through Point Pleasant park that we walked out bike through and had a squirrel throw chestnuts at us. The back down through town and back to the Anchor Archive in the North part of town. I hadn’t gotten much work on my zine done today besides working on the intro so I worked on that a bit tonight. I’m about 90% done with it.

It looks like Brainscan 25 is going to be over 70 pages. It’s a fucking monster of a zine! With and epilogue that is its own zine and eventually a CD to accompany it. I’m going to have to charge 5 dollars for the thing since it has vellum covers, cardstoc kbacking and another zine tucked in back on, and it is going to be 85 fucking pages! I think that’s right. It is going to cost so much to put out but I’ll be glad to have it done. I have been stalling on this zine for 5 years. it’s a bout damn time.

I’m going to head out to my shed again and read for awhile and drink a propeller IPA. I bought a 6-pack for $12! So expensive! But it does tastes good.

Saturday is the zine fair and my zine will be done!


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