False Spring… happens every year.

It seems like every February in Portland there is a false spring. A week or two of beautiful sunny weather that tricks everyone into wearing shorts and riding bikes in smiling  packs. For me it lures me out into my yard with planning and planting in mind..

I live on a small corner lot and in the past someone must have really loved this yard. There is a  short chain link fence and every color iris you can think of growing all around the edges. There are lots of interesting plants that grow in the yard, it seems that I find new ones every year! There are lots of neat plants: lemon balm, roses, foxglove, strawberries, violets, money plants, mint, lupines, Camellia, lavender, peony, hen and chicks and on and on. I have also planted a lot of things in the past year too including a vegetable garden and a humming bird garden (Paul really likes humming birds!)

Last year I planted a bunch of seeds but our housemate at the time had a cat that got into our room and decided to eat all the seedlings! What kind of cat eats plants? I also had a damping off problem since it was really humid last year. This year I planted over 40 different seeds on Imbloc (feb 2) Some of the seeds are old and about 30of them have come up so far, I think that’s pretty good. I’m going to be gone a lot this spring so I wanted to get started early.

Last year I realized that I had never documented the seasons of my yard so I started. I have photos from April 2008, beginning of May, Mid May, and June. Well, after that the year went down hill and I got busy so I wasn’t able to take more pictures. I was able to get my winterizing done though so there isn’t much left to do this spring.

Well, our false spring was last week and I got Paul to scour the neighborhood with me for fallen birch branches. I have been building little fences around all of my flower beds. I think they look really nice. Today I spend about 2-3 hours working in my yard… most of it was spent trying to tie up the unruly Wisteria vines.  I let then grow our last year because I read that they will have more blooms of you do. Anyway, here’s an image that pretty much sums up my yard work and garden in February of 2009.

yard work...

yard work...

Spring always reminds me of Paul’s old band Homesick. They had a song called Sping:

“…Maybe this year spring will never end

I feel my life’s been filled with hope again

maybe someday we’ll walk hand in hand

maybe this year everything I’ve planned will come together in the spring...”


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