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30 Day Photo Meme – Day 15

Day 15- An old photo of you

Me with my very first bike about about age 6ish! And my terrified little sister.


Christmas at age 12 in my rockin' Vision Street Wear Shirt.


Age 19 in a bootlegged Operation Ivy Shirt.

Age 27

Age 27

Day 16- The view out your front door
Day 17- What’s in your bag/purse/pockets
Day 18- Where you work/go to school
Day 19- Something you love
Day 20- Your mailbox
Day 21- A photo you are proud of
Day 22- Something you cooked
Day 23- Your desk or work area
Day 24- Something important to you
Day 25- Graffiti you have seen
Day 26- Something you do everyday
Day 27- Your favorite place
Day 28- A favorite piece of clothing
Day 29- Something you like
Day 30- A photo of you today