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infused Vodka and a future cook zine…

I don’t know what it is about the cold weather that makes me want to drink liquor. I’m generally not a big fan of the stuff. I’m a craft beer geek but sometimes mixing drinks is fun! Especially when I can create my own weird concoctions!  I bought a half gallon of decent vodka last week and have been infusing them like a mad scientist!

fun with vodka!The Habenero is great for Bloody Marys along with olives, cocktail onions, peperocinis, pickled okra or any other sort of brined good-ness. 2 shots served in a pint glass with chopsticks to test your drinking dexterity skills! I like my Bloody mary like and alcoholic salad!

I made some with strawberries picked from my yard that I have had the freezer. Strawberry Vodka can be put in soy milk for something like an alcoholic strawberry Qwick! Tonight I put some in fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and pomegranate juice that I made Paul squeeze out of the pom!

I had some Earl Grey vodka with ginger ale or orange juice, ginger vodka with juice. It’s fun! And even when I make a bad one I just have paul drink it! I like how all the bottles sit on my window sill and looks pretty.

I have decided to do a cook zine. I think I’ll call it “recipes are tools of the patriarchy” I’m not a fan of following recipes… I’m sort of bad at following directions when I think I have a better idea. I read at once point that recipes were created by women for men who were going to war and needed to know how to cook things. So, maybe recipes are more likely tools of war. I can’t really substantiate this claim and I don’t feel like doing the research, I’m just going to believe it and hope other people do too!

It will basically be a guide to stuff you can put together that taste good and I’ll just write “to taste” after everything! I acknowledge that baking does need specific amount but I’m not a baker! I’ll leave that up to my sister. I’m planning a “choose your own soup adventure” where you pick different veggies and food from different columns and get mystery soup!

Seeing as I plan for this to also be a zine I’ll write stories about recipes and people who taught them to me. Like my garlic bread recipe that a boy named Richard taught me. One time we were making out in the kitchen and I was sitting on the stove. Somehow the stove turned on while were were kissing and all of the sudden my ass was getting warm! Luckily I jumped off the stove before my pants caught on fire! We all have cooking and kitchen stories like the time in Columbus, Ohio where I drunkenly made several pounds of french fries in a fry daddy while simultaneously listening to AVAIL and  playing “keg hockey” with an empty beer key across the the wet kitchen floor. Good times!

So, as I have been busy with orders and Paul has been off work since it is the slow season. He’s been playing Metroid and we have been watching the Might Boosh for about the 3rd time. I keep threatening to make Paul my house husband. I actually sort of need someone to clean up after me when I get this busy.

Tonight we had leftover risotto from the other night plus roasted veggies and unphotogenic tofu.

sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and mushroom risotto.

roasted veggies before I roasted them: brussel sprouts, carrots, squash and cauliflower plush herbs.

I guess that’s about it for now. I think I think I’m going to go make myself what I have been calling a Canadian Toddy with Canadian Whiskey and maple syrup instead of honey. Then I’m going to call it a day and read a book instead od staring at this computer screen!


Yup, my phone was stolen but cooking in my kitchen has been great.

If you call me I more than likely won’t answer my phone. That’s just how it is and it’s not because I see who calls and decide not to pick it up. I just have a tendency to leave it around the house, in the kitchen, in my bag, at the bottle of my panniers, on the coffee table in the livingroom, in the pocket of the pants I wore yesterday, etc. Sometimes I won’t even look for it for a day and lose it in the house only to find it when I make Paul call it so I can listen for the vibration since I hardly even have the ringer up.

Well, this happened Friday night. I went around the house listening for my phone that I can usually find and then I gave up. Yesterday morning I checked my online billing only to find that there were some weird calls that I can’t remember and some data usage and text messages. They were all 1 minute or 2 and nothing was outside my plan. I had to run and errand for my sister and scrambled to find out how to suspend my phone and deal with it later.

I wracked my brain to figure out how they hell my cell phone got stolen when I hadn’t even left the house! My sister came over Thursday and I had it then. The only thing I can think of is that I left it on  my porch and someone swiped it from there. jerks! To make matters worse my PayPal debit card went missing a few days before that. Stupid Mercury retrograde ruining everything!

On the brighter side I have been making kick ass food since redoing my kitchen except I keeping forgetting to take pictures of it. We have been feasting on tamales and zucchini bread for the past few days. The tamales have two fillings both have a base of onions and peppers from the yard mixed with coriander. One has tvp mixed with taco seasoning and the other has black beans, tomatillo salsa, cuban oregano and beet tops. They were both really hot but super tasty!

I also made a really great lentil soup. My lentil soups always seem to taste better the second day. I also made a layered pasta bake with tomato sauce on the bottom, a mixture of crumbled tofu, vegenaise, chopped spinach and bow tie pasta with a vegan nutritional yeast cheese sauce on top. I ate almost half the pan myself! I utilized the abundance of tomatoes in our yard but picking a bunch of romas, chopping them in half and putting a bit of olive oil, salt, peper, parsley and oregano on them and broiling them. Then I made some penne, chopped some kalamata olives and mixed them with pine nuts, a bit of olive oil and spices. When the penne was done I mixed up the olive mixture and the broiled mushy tomatoes and poured it all on top like a sauce.

Jess and I had a vegan food and wine pairing night and on the way home from buying ingredients I decided to pick up fallen fruits to make a crumble. I can’t believe how many people have fruit trees and just let the fruit fall and rot! So much so that there are even organizations that help get people and fruit together like Urban Edibles. There are even maps and tips about ethics. I just grabbed a pears and apples that had fallen on the sidewalk on my way home and mixed them with blackberries from my back yard and a tiny bit of sugar.

While waiting for Jess to get off work Paul and I sliced some olive cibatta , lightly heated some olive oil with garlic in it, dropped it in a bowl, poured some balsamic in it and dipped the bread.

Anyway, Jess and I had been thinking about this meal for awhile: Red and yellow peppers stuffed with quinoa, pine nuts, tomatoes and herbs plus roasted vegetables, marinated tempeh and a tofu cream sauce. There were two bottle of wine but really, they were insignificant compared to how great the meal was.

3 different kinds of potatoes, squash, corn, yams, beets, onions, herbs from the garden and a bit of my secret ingredient that always makes roasted veggies better. This is my perfect fall dish, my comfort food.

3 different kinds of potatoes, squash, corn, yams, beets, onions, herbs from the garden and a bit of my secret ingredient that always makes roasted veggies better. This is my perfect fall dish, my comfort food.

What you can't see is that I also added slices of avacado to the side with cabernet finishing salt.

What you can't see is that I also added slices of avacado to the side with cabernet finishing salt.

The tempeh was marinated in something that I’ll never be able to recreate but it was good. The sauce tied everything together and it can also probably never be recreated. It went something like this: silken tofu in a food processor, olive oil, cayenne pepper, parsley, lemon juice. We all sort of sat around Rhapsodizing about the food that we didn’t pay much attention to the wine. Oh well. I remember I liked the first bottle we drank better than the one we had with the meal.

Lots of good cooking days almost makes up for having my phone stolen. I ordered a new phone but won’t have it until next week. It has always been better to e-mail me anyway. I can also chatted 9or video chatted!) with on Google and Skyped as alexwrekk.

Time to get out of bed and get to work. I have and IPRC shift this evening and the cats seem to be sleeping on their back which usually means rain.