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sick soup, Rick Emerson: A history and some pictures

Paul and I haven’t been feeling too hot. Today he made us a giant vat of soup. I love that he makes me soup from scratch when I’m sick-ish. He chopped up some asparagus and put it in the soup which I never would have thought of. Actually, I might have if I had looked at the soup and thought: This needs something green! I complimented him on making food that looks pretty too see:

Pretty soup!

Pretty soup

I have been listening to Rick Emerson since I was 17. My dad used to listen to him on the drive home when we lived in Salt Lake. He was this wacky aggro hilarious AM DJ that just didn’t belong in Utah… and that’s probably why my dad listened to him and why my little sister and I listened to him too. Paul and I bonded over Rick and the other amusing AM host in SLC Todd when we first met. Why do Paul and I love AM SO much? Who knows but I explained our Art Bell romance here. ears later when I moved to Portland I swear I caught his voice on AM but with a different name but the voice vanished and I didn’t hear it again until a few years later.

In 2001 I found that voice that was a font of useless entertainment… I don’t think my now ex-husband enjoyed it as much as I did, how could he? He didn’t grow up in the cultural wasteland of Utah and couldn’t understand how a voice that was as different as I was in Salt Lake could mean. He also didn’t like Art Bell and frequently referred to George Noory as Geroge “Snorey”.

For years in Portland I have followed Rick and crew across the AM dial. Sometimes half listening as I work at home or in the yard while I work in the garden. When I was on a trip up the east coast I found myself bored of my music collection and started stealing the internets from places so that I could download the podcasts, burn then the rewritable discs and listen to them in my rental car. The trip up the coast led me from Richmond to Portland, Maine going to a zine fests, being and interview subjects for some academics and visiting friends. When I got to Portland, Maine I called the Rick Emerson show. After my isolation of a few days and nothing but discs of the Rick Emerson Show to listen to it seemed like a good idea at the time. The phone call was awkward and confusing, I think most of them are, but I’m glad I did it. From Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon.

Well, now the Rick Emerson show is changing to FM. I have mixed feelings about that… but also about the new time slot 5am-9am. ugh. I mean, it’s great for them, probably a step up but it looks like I’ll be back to listening on podcasts again for at least the first few hours.  I can manage to get up at 7 and work from bed with my laptop. Rick’s not everyone’s bag of tea.. er what ever. Years of hanging out with Punks and anarchist have made me feel a bit of trepidation to share my love for a show on commercial radio. But hey, I’ve always been a geek. I have played D&D since high school and I have a ridiculous dice collection,  I sell buttons about gaming and I love Doctor Who, Buff the Vampire Slayer and Battlestar Gallactica. Also, I love zines. I’m not sure if that makes me geeky but the adoration I have for my post box probably does.

Anyway, I have laundry to do before I leave for Seattle and some orders to pack. I’ll leave you with this. This is what Paul and I do after we finish the crossword. We draw all over the can-you-spot-the-difference guy. It amuses us.



Also, here’s my sock in a picture Paul too of me while working on my Etsy shop:

work work work

aren't the floors we refinished pretty?


A history of online journaling

So, here I am with a new online journal, I’m not really a fan of the word “blog” for some reason so we’ll just say online journal. I wanted to start a new one and hopefully do a better job at allowing myself to archive the things in my life in a way that I feel comfortable as the public thing that online journals are… and make use of those nifty tags and stuff.

In the summer of 2000 I noticed there were a lot of zine people starting journals on diaryland and I started reading them. I was living in a tiny shared mud room in a huge old punkhouse in Portland while working at the nickel arcade on Belmont and attempting to be in a shitty pop punk band. My partner whom I shared the room with was away on tour. You didn’t walk so much as climb into our room that had everything piled up to the ceiling and up the walls, two of which were all windows. The room froze in the winter and boiled in the summer.

It was a great summer. I had my tiny room to myself where I stashed my food in my room so I didn’t have to see many of my housemates, I rode 10 miles a day checking my post box and heading to band practice, played a ton of pinball after work and Tony Hawk with my housemates while drinking Portland beer at night. It was good times! It seems that in July I climbed over the bed and into the seat at the computer to use dial up and  finally start my own Diaryland.

I added lots of friends who also made zines and messed the page up with my crappy knowledge of html adding lots of random “rings” do people still have “rings” anymore? This was a new way to document my life after years of committing things to my notebook. I obsessed over my site meter wondering who these people were who were reading my stuff. I even set a trap for my ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend after I found out she has been Internet stalking my site and instant messaging  my friends.

Two funny things with that: 1) She took the bait and contacted me… as long as I didn’t write about her in my zine. 2) That was Paul’s girlfriend at the time… and now Paul and I are back together.

We eventually moved out of the Dustbin and into our own house in North Portland. Zine kids were making the jump to livejournal so I started my own livejournal and didn’t want to use my name. I chose thinkbettersick, because it is a line from one of my favorite Discount songs. That was in 2002 and by 2004 I quit using Diaryland except for the ocassional update or promo post. I also started a few other livejournals: alexwrekk, sleepbetercrazy, and shippinglog for various reasons

And then came Friendster which everyone ditched for myspace where everyone also started on for their zine and now there is We Make Zines. I also started a blog for Stolen Sharpie Revolution, International Zine Month, and Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast.

That is almost a decade of my life in 1’s and 0’s through various filters and still, that’s not really me. Well, this page is my new filter. I still plan on keeping my livejournal, most of those entries are friends only. I write a lot more candidly there. My livejournal feels like the secret room tucked behind the bookcase and I like it that way. I plan to polish things up a bit for your digestion here and use tags to try to keep things organized.