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Doctor Who ride and garden photos

Our friend Brandon is in town to study city planning and transit in Portland (check out his blog here) and what better way to check out a city than by bike? It is Pedalpalooza season and we went on their Doctor Who ride! They started at those blue boxes that look like the TARDIS near Pioneer Courthouse Square. I would have been there had I not gotten a flat tire. boo. I bought a new tube at Waterfront bikes to save the patching time. They were super nice! I met up with them at Ground Control where there is a Doctor Who Pinball. Then across the river to meet up with the Moz Ride at the Cemetery Gates of the Lone Fir. Yes, a Morissey themed bike ride complete with sound system!  Then headed to the Pizza Schmizza that, for some reason, has a giant Dalek inside.

After that we headed to the Rose and Thistle pub for Doctor Who Trivia! We met new friends and I had made a TARDIS image and “The Angels Have The Phone box” stencils that I was stenciling things with on the back patio. With Paul’s brain stuffed with Doctor Who trivia of course we won! We got a $10 gift certificate to Ground Control and that’s a lot of pinball.

Last night I had an IPRC shift and got a call up on the intercom asking about touring the Yeti Research Station. I didn’t really know what to say. I mean, the computer room has this new Big Foot theme that I don’t really understand how it has anything to do with zines so I guessed that’s what they were talking about.  It turns out that it was the Pedalpalooza cryptozoology ride and at least one of the people was on the Doctor Who ride with me. They all seemed interested in the stuff we had there and a few of them were actually interested in the IPRC so I gave a tour. I wish I had known ahead of time what was up. I kind of just stared at them when they came in.

Anyway, I have been busy making buttons and whatnot but my garden has been growing and growing. I have a bunch of pictures here on my facebook page if you wanted to see them. Here are some samples:

love in a mist

a huge bowl of strawberries from my yard!