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and also,

I admit that I didn’t make a 24 hour zine for International Zine Month, unless you count the Program for the Portland Zine Symposium that I pulled together in 24 hours. Somehow I don’t think anyone wants to trade for that. I thought this year for sure would be the year that I would make one but I guess not. There’s always next year!

Last night I went up to Olympia with Paul for one of his bands, Molly Band to play a show.  It was fun. Olympia isn’t that far away.  I think it would be interesting to get to know it a bit more. We walked around and found the Fish Tale Brewery and got to check off one more brewery from our list. I should actually make that list sometime.


A Quick note…

Tonight one of Paul‘s bands, Molly Bang, are play at The Know on NE Alberta, show starts at 8.

I guess it is also Last Thursday on Alberta. I haven’t even been on Alberta for the artwalk since last summer… actually, it’s not usually my thing but I’m going anyway. Come and keep me company!