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My zine is an “institution”, who knew?

These are reviews from maximum Rock NRoll:

Stolen Sharpie Revolution #2

“This is the second installation of the how-to guide to making zines. Kind of similar, but totally overhauled, and now Stolen Sharpie Revolution includes stuff about the internets. It’s really useful and pretty open-ended, unlike a lot of how-to guides that get way too this-is-the-only-way and mega complex and stuff. It’s also a good resource for finding distros, review mags, and zine libraries. Totally seems like something to give yr[sic] little sister to impress her towards being cool, but I also felt like I learned some stuff, though I couldn’t say what. Not essential but really super gelpful.”

Brainscan #23 (and they even included a cover picture!)

“Brainscan is and institution in the world of personal zines at this point, and Alex Wrekk has been holding it down with her narritive writing style and her distinctive cut-and-paste aesthetic for years and years from the depths of her Portland bunker. I guess I haven’t read this zine since probably about issue #8 but from what I can remember, it doesn’t seem like Alex has led this publication too far astray from what it once was. This one’s theme is “travel stores that never quite went as far as the travel written about,” with each story representing a different time and place in Alex’s life and featuring and ever changing cast of characters. She covers everything from awkward situations in bars, to the ups and downs of nation-wide zine tours, to fleeting romances on family vacations. The travel theme makes for a more cohesive collection of writing and I’m psyched that Brainscan is going strong.”