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First, my friend Kurt interviewed me while he was staying in our guest cave a few weeks ago. Go here and hear what I have to say about stuff and things when someone else asks the questions. Kurt is pretty great. We knew each other on the internet for years and I just knew we’d get along well in real life. We had some good conversations. I hope to do it again sometime.

Paul and I spent the weekend and the Riverhouse. We took the bus up to Battleground and rode up and down 7 miles of hills to get to there and then we rode all 35 miles back. The ride back seemed more difficult than usual, there was something heavy on my mind.

Saturday night my housemate Marc, who had been up at the Riverhouse earlier, called to say that our friend Dylan Williams had passed away. Dylan was a friend, fellow Portland Zine Symposium organizer, and teacher in the Independent Publishing Resource Center comics certificate program who had been fighting cancer for awhile now. It’s hard to imagine this world without him. Dylan was the mastermind behind Sparkplug comics and I had seen his own comic, Reporter, for years before we actually met.

One of the first real conversations we had was after one of his first few meeting organizing the Portland Zine Symposium. He came up to me after the meeting and asked how it was that we were able to make a new organizer feel so comfortable and valued in the organizing process. I took that as a great compliment about the Portland Zine Symposium and about Dylan’s insight into PZS.  I remember answering something to the tune of saying that I believe that everyone has a valuable perspective to bring to to table and that the Portland Zine Symposium can only grow and become better by listening.

Dylan’s input in this world was very valuable. His help with the Portland Zine Symposium, his ethics in zines/comics and his business were honorable. I’ve been working on a zine about zine event organizing and with with that memory of Dylan in my mind I’d like to dedicate the zine to him.

I’m going to miss his insights, his playful (not mean spirited) snark, and maybe most of all, his knowing smile.

Dylan Williams, you will be missed.


a good review! An inteview! An Etsy Treasury!

Three things that are not photos of plants in my yard:

1) Brainscan #24/#25 was reviewed in the Feminist Review blog. It’s a pretty great review I think. Check it out here.

2) I did an e-mail interview with Dan Copulsky at Question Riot. It’s not too long, you can read it here.

3) What is up with all the Etsy Treasury love? I have been in two this week and one last week! This on here has a bag of my coffee AND one of my buttons in it.

Ok, time to get out of bed. It’s difficult when I’m sandwiched by cat who apparently needed to sleep extra close and Paul who was apparently thinking the same thing.

interview, wiki, coffee and the Anarchist Bookfair

I was interviewed by the lovely Yasmine at the online magazine Parasol. Check it out if you would like to read an interview of me.

A few years ago there was this holiday meme going around livejournal. You were supposed to list simple things people could give you as gifts or some such. You know, a hug, some stamps, a poem, a hand made item. Well, I put on my list for someone to make me a Wikipedia page. Alan Lastufka took up the challenge. The Alex Wrekk entry was debated and eventually taken off the site. This prompted Alan to create Zine Wiki so that zine people can document what wikipedia doesn’t find notable.

Well, apparently someone put up another Alex Wrekk wikipedia page and it is already being cotested. Maybe I don’t deserve a wiki page but my friend Lilly made a joke about how if you have and ISBN you deserve a wiki entry! I’d love it any of you could fill in some info. There were some external links but they seem to have been taken down too.

Also, I got more green coffee beans and have been roasting again. I only use Fair Trade and organic coffee. Most of it is shade grown as well. Feel free to check out my Etsys Shop and check some out.

Right now I’m off to Liberty Hall to the first ever Portland Anarchist Bookfair. I have some buttons to deliver for the Red And Black cafe and books to try to sell. i’m a bit nervous though, I haven’t been to Liverty Hall since I stopped working there 3 years ago. weird.