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I’m in Poitiers, France. The trip has been interesting and fun. I’m especially stoked on the friendships I have made. I’ll write more later. the wine has been great. The vegan food has been… difficult.

International Zine Month Day 8

Happy International Zine month…from a stolen internet connection in the middle of Nowhere in SW Washington! I’m at the Riverhouse with Paul’s family and managed to wrangle up some wi-fi from their neighbor to get a little work done (thanks … Continue reading

Photos from my trip…

Click here if you would like to see photos from my trip… or look at these samples: WE named the statue “baby chucker” because it looks like she is about to toss baby jesus off the cliff! After that this … Continue reading

Zines and Cake

So, apparently there is a thing about zines and cake inextricably linked together here. The London Zine Symposium even has their own vegan lemon ginger cake recipe. I think that if I write a zine about this trip it will … Continue reading

Alex Wrekk Uk tour dates May 2009

Wednesday I am making a trip from Portland, Oregon USA to the UK and France for a month of ziney good-ness. I┬áhave also put together a mini zine tour with my friend Robb, a zine librarian from New Oreleans, LA … Continue reading

Almost all confirmed UK and France Zine tour itinerary!

So, my itinerary for my UK and France trip is starting to firm up and I’m getting super excited! I think I have most of my stuff in order and all the things I needed shipped have been shipped. I … Continue reading

Trains! Travel! zines! Our podcast rules!

It has been a busy few days of orders. I have no idea where they all came from but I’m just about caught up… so I’m taking some time to write here. I finally, after much annoyance, got my train … Continue reading

Good Riddance to 2008

2008 sucked but 2009 already rules! Continue reading