30 Day Photo Meme- Day 20- Your mailbox

Day 20- Your mailbox

Wow, it has taken me a long time to get to this. Ok, here is my old post box:

Old green mail box that finally gave up the ghost.

Paul and I put in a new post and got a new post box that is while with a shiny new metal flag. Also, filled with orders going out!

My post box at the post office. I don't use it much but I still keep it.

Last weekend I was at the Chicago Zine Fest and it was awesome! I’m hoping to make it a yearly event to get to. I also got another tattoo from Alana in Chicago. This tattoo is of a post box with my address on it!

5307, I have lived here for over 11 years. It is home.

Some other stuff:

1. I have been updating Stolen Sharpie revolution.org pretty regularly.

2. I released Brainscan #29 as a split with No More Coffee #4 at the Chicago Zine Fest! I’ll be posting order details once Ben gets me the scans of his pages and I build a good master copy. They will be $3 and have two color risograph printed cardstock covers. stoked! Oh, also. It is my first fiction zine.

3. At the Chicago Zine Fest there were the Zine Olympics. I feel pretty safe in saying that our team, The Paper Sharks, won the Zine Olympics with two golds and two silvers. Check out some great photos here.

4. The Copy Scams UK tour is looking up! We may have at least one zine fest to get to while we were there.

5. Table registration for the 2012 Portland Zine Symposium (11-12 August) is open! All the full tables are gone and 1.2 tables are 3/4 gone so get your table now and start saving your pennies for travel! Go here to register.

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