Good bye west coast! Hello east coast!


Tonight Paul, my sister Webly, and I are catching a red eye to Philadelphia. This weekend we are going to Riot Fest. It’s kinda silly but sometimes it’s worth going to shows that make you feel 17 again. I’m excited to see Plow United, Weston, and the Dead Milkmen. I can take or leave 7 Seconds, X, Hot Water Music or the Descendents. The Descendents used to be one of Paul’s favorite bands. Somewhere there is a photo of 20 year old me wearing a Descendents tank top and sharing fries with Milo at Warped tour about a million years ago. I’m stoked that there will also be other people I know at the show. I hope we can find each other.

Paul and I are going to be gone for 3 weeks. After Philly we take a bus up to NYC to see friends and hang out. I’m good at navigating big cities, I just don’t really like them. They have too many people moving too quickly but, it is nice to visit friends. My friend Jeska joked that I visit every other year…i kinda do but I was there last year so this means I won’t have to go back for 4 years? Paul has never been to NYC so I guess we gotta get that out of the way. At least I’ll get to see Cindy read from the new Doris book while I am there.

After that we are headed back down to Philly to pick up a rental car then up to the Syracuse area to meet up with Paul’s dad and paul’s extended family that he has never met. We aren’t sure how long we are staying up there but eventually we will head back south where we get to see the Screaming Females in DC on our way down the Richmond for the Richmond Zine Fest! Then we are headed to the Ocean for a day a before going back to Philly to hang out with our old housemate then back across the continent home to Portland.

I will miss my cat friends but our housemates will have to pet them enough for us.

My friend, and former housemate, Amanda, will be making custom buttons for me while I’m gone. I have taken down a lot of the things from my Etsy shop. All she will be making is custom 1″ and 1.25″ buttons. I have some copies of Stolen Sharpie Revolution and my new zines all packed up and waiting for stamps so she can pop those in the mail.

I ran errands this afternoon, packing is almost done, and I think I’m about ready for this trip. See you soon friends on the other coast! Get in touch if we haven’t already and you wanna show me the good beer in your town!


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