Goodbye Dylan Williams

If I knew that I would get so many hits when I wrote about Dylan I would have written more and also better stuff.  He really was a great guy and his wife, Emily, is an amazing woman. They are both close to my heart this week.

Yesterday was the funeral and I got a zipcar and filled it with people who cared about Dylan to head to the cemetery. many great things were said and stories were shared. My friend Doug made this post about it that sums up so much:

Everyone hushed as she stood. One rose for the pine box. What she said broke my heart. The courage of a father to grab the first handful of earth. The people we bury, the things we carry. A lifetime to think about it, shifting weight. “Dylan’s body is in the ground. But Dylan? He’s in all of us.”

It is true, there is a bit of Dylan in all of the people he touched. I have always said of my lost friends that we keep a bit of them alive by sharing their stories.



2 responses to “Goodbye Dylan Williams

  1. Was glad to see you at the funeral, though I didn’t get a chance to say hi or give you a hug. I saw a sharpie among the flowers and thought it had probably come from you…

    Emily makes one of my all-time favorite zines, “I was born but…” They were pretty much the sweetest couple I know.

    • I saw you too amid all the sad faces and hugs. I hope you are feeling ok. Emily and Dylan were so great and kind and helpful. I really enjoyed working with them, they were both such and asset for the symposium as well as good friends.

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