Sad stuff and cat pictures…

My sister’s bike was stolen. It was locked up in her backyard in Kenton (North Portland) It is a dark green Terry. The really sad thing is that bikes are really hard to find for short ladies. Gr. Anyway, if you see this bike let me know.

There is a special place in hell for bike thieves, indeed!

At least cats are still cute.

This is what you see out of our kitchen window. The next door neighbors have a cat named Miss Ohio (Don't ask) She often stares out the window at me. She looks a bit like Nermal and is sort of the kid sister to Jackie and OJ. Also, if you look close you can see that their curtains have cats on them...only on the outside, so we can see it!


Jackie and OJ have been sleeping on the shady side of the house IN THE DIRT. It makes me sad. Jackie could be curled up with me but no, he wants to wallow in the dirt with his dirty brother cat.

Also, I finally got around the releases the day lilies that have been hating their existence under the Himalayan Cedar. I don’t know why I planted the lilies there. I just thought it was a  waste to have them tucked in the back of the house and figured I’d move them. That was before I got a grasp on gardening I guess. I placed them across the front of the house interspersed with the tiny white and purple irises. At least we will have plants that are span two season.


6 responses to “Sad stuff and cat pictures…

  1. I love Miss Ohio. I’m a little frightened by her owner’s taste in curtains, but on the other hand, I’ve got Diet Coke curtains. Of course, mine face inside where I can enjoy them… Maybe I’m just afraid of pushing the crazy cat lady envelope and have trained myself not to like such curtains…

    Either way, Miss Ohio wins Miss Personality, as far as I can tell. OJ and Jackie are princes upon the common ground.

  2. Nermal! Also, I love that OJ and Jackie are dirty dirt-kitties, although I’m sure that means messes whenever they come back inside the house.

    • OJ is a dirty cat but not too bad. Jackie is impeccable with his cleaning. I can’t understand how is white bits stay so white and his coat is so shiny when he sleeps in dirt.

  3. Okay. I was worried about the neighbors. But as long as they can laugh at themselves (and are good neighbors) they might be okay in the head. 🙂

    • They also have an old basset hound that hangs out in the yard and Jackie, OJ, Miss Ohio, and Joey.I’ll see all 4 of them sunning themselves on their driveway. A neighbor told me that a mouse ran right by OJ and he ignored it cause, you know, it wasn’t on his property. All the cats ignored it but the dog went after it. Silly times!

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