Portland Zine Symposium week plus a new episode of Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine podcast!


It’s Portland Zine Symposium week! Sunday we nailed down the workshop schedule that should be posted late today. I’ll have it posted here with descriptions tonight. I was totally exhausted by the end of Sunday and slept well.

Yesterday, I met with Blue and Doug for breakfast and then headed to Refuge for our last walk through, where we met Theresa and Nichole Anne. Then we headed to the IPRC and racked our brains working on table placement for SIX HOURS!!! I finally hit a wall and went home where I watched Paul watch Home Movies (the cartoon, not actually home movies) and then crashed out at 10. We got 75% done. I think that is a good start for a Monday.

Episode 5 of Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast is posted! I don’t even remember what I said because we recorded it in April or something. It was right after the Chicago Zine fest and right before Derek, my co-host, moved back to Buffalo. I’ll just trust that he made me sound smart when he edited it! Go and listen to it here:



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