International Zine Month Day 23-25

So, I ran out of zine specific shirts. But, I have this skirt that I made out of some corduroy pants an old housemates left and I sewed a typewriter patch on it:

International Zine Month day 23


Yesterday was the 24th of July. It is a holiday in Utah. It is the day that Brigham Young got to Utah and said “this is the place”. There are fireworks and picnics and parades. A few years ago I thought it would be funny to have one in Portland with all the people who had escaped the clutches of Utah. Well, this year  I got a permit at a park and we trekked down the street with our hand carts…actually, a red wagon and a cooler with wheels. It was a lot of fun. We listened to music from Utah and had fun with our friends who had moved her and a few extras that came along. I did not wear a zine shirt, I wore  shirt of Paul and Dave’s old band, The Downers. Did I mention that Dave, my favorite genius drop-out, was visiting us from utah. Well, he is and we have been having lots of great, late night converesation. Good Times!

Today is the 25th and this is about the last of my zine related apparel. I got this typewriter shirt at Wholy Craft in Columbus, Ohio on tour last autumn. I dig it.

So, the other day we were sitting on the porch drinking and talking and a guy came up and parked his Ninja.  idodn’t know they still made those. Jacki had to inspect it and then OJ had to see what it was all about.

Jackie Cat vs. Ninja


OJ cat vs. Ninja

I love these cats.


One response to “International Zine Month Day 23-25

  1. Bad ass bike cats.

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