International Zine Month Day 19

My sister stopped by at 6:30am this morning  to drop of my mom’s dog, Maggie. (we call it a puppycat) It has this little carrier that it loves to hang out in. I brought the puppycat box upstairs to my room…where Jackie, the cat was sleeping. Jackie was not happy with the intrusion of a dog. Maggie was pretty calm but they had a half hour staring contest before Jackie split.

Maggie is the little one. The one on the right is my aunt's dog, Rex.

In honor of my sister delivery of the adorable puppycat, my International Zine Month shirt has to do with her.  This is part of my oh-so-cool-patch-work-punk-sweatshirt. This was a staple of my wardrobe from about 1996-2000. I also used to do a lot of embroidery and embroidered “ALEX WREKK” across the knuckles. I had to retire it. I didn’t feel like being a walking billboard. I have a few other zine related patches on this sweatshirt so if this cold and rainy Portland weather keeps up, I’ll post some more.

Anyway, Touched By An Anvil was (is?) the zine my sister did. My first zine was Fun in A Bucket that we started together in 1995. I moved on to my own zine, Brainscan, and Webly changed the name of the zine Touched by An Anvil.

Touched By An Anvil! and also an old school Groovie Ghoulies patch.


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