International Zine Month Day 11

First things first. Here’s my zine shirt:

1st Portland Zine Symposium shirt.

For some reason I actually forget that I was the person who created the artwork for the first zine symposium. I took a photo of my favorite 3 bank Underwood typewriter and did a bit of editing with a photocopier like adding “PORTLAND ZINE SYMPOSIUM” to the keys.  Not my best design work but, I still like it. I wish I had added a bit of dots and shades. Maybe I should try again next year?

We has a Symposium meeting last night. We got our stickers back from the printer and they look great. We also set up a bike in movie on the 29th of July at a location in SE. If you havne’t yet, you should vote here on what movie to watch . We also have Word Game Wednesdays At the Waypost this Wednesday. Come and play word games!

I got a Google+ account yesterday and wasting a lot of time tinkering with it. Including getting my own shortened url: I remember years ago I tried to get brainscan@gmail and totally failed.  Here are my thoughts so far:

1)My favorite thing is that it allows me to have multiple names. Facebook wouldn’t let me change my nickname to Sunshine (my real name) even when I sent them an image of my passport. Google+ lists me as Alex Wrekk, Sunshine Bowls, and Alexand Bowles. People know me in different ways so why not allow that?

2) I like the groups. They are a lot easier to manage there than on facebook. This way I don’t have to bother non-zine people with all my updates and frantic-ness about the zine symposium or whatever. I can also put my customers in a group so they don’t have to see that I’m slacking off and taking pictures of my garden instead of making buttons for them and I don’t have to struggle to remember where all 500 of my friends live and accidentally invite them to an event that is happening in Portland when they are in New Zealand. Yes, facebook has groups but they are super cumbersome to edit.

3)I like that I can link all of my e-mails, not just one, to my account. All of my e-mails get dumped into my google account anyway so it makes sense.

4)I have an android space phone and I dig that I can take photos and they automatically upload to a photo account only I can see. If I wanna share I will, but I don’t have to.

5)I like that, unlike facebook, Google seems to know that you go other places on the internet and that you maintain other places on the internet and that having easily accessible links to my online shops, twitter blogs, and photos might be useful.

6)) They allow you to edit your posts! This seems like something simple that Facebook could have done but hasn’t.

7)G+ allows you to opt out of receiving notifications for a post. If you just have one thing to say and don’t really care what the 200 people who also have something similar to say then why should it clog up your e-mail with notifications?

8) I have been debating about making a ? circle for those people who I can’t figure out how I know them. Does that make me a jerk?

Overall I’m liking it.


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