International Zine Month Day 10

International Zine Month Day 10 shirt: 2006 Portland Zine Symposium… So, this is sort of cheating because the 2006 Portland Zine Symposium is the only symposium (out of 10) that I did not table at. I merely dropped some things off and split town for a wedding in Utah. But, since I have been an organizer for years I picked a shirt up the next year.

zine shirt!

Have you checked the International Zine Month blog lately? I have added a few more events including this exciting news that the folks at the Zine Librarian (un)Conference in Milwaukee: They have declared July 21st as International Zine Library day!

I’m catching up on work still from my trip and I have an IPRC shift this evening. Next week is the 24 hour zine challenge at the IPRC so next week at this time I’ll be hopefully finished with my 24 hour zine thing! Do you know what would be awesome? If you sponsored me in the 24 Hour Zine Challenge. You don’t have to pay if I don’t finish and the much needed proceeds go to the Portland Zine Symposium. If you donate $10 or more (the more the better!) then you will receive my 24 hour zine sent to you ASAP. If you donate $25 or more I will throw in some other goodies like limited edition buttons and stickers. So, go here and send an e-mail about how you want to sponsor me!


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