International Zine Month: Day 2

My mom came and pick Paul and I up yesterday and whisked us away to the Riverhouse for the evening. We made pizza and stayed up late around a fire drinking and watching bats. Good times! The next day it got hot, but not hot enough to swim. I helped my mom split some logs for fire wood. Few things make you feel as tough or get out anger better than sawing, chainsawing, or splitting wood, and i have no idea why.

Today was the second day of International Zine Month and I wore a different zine shirt:

Zinesters do it on the Photocopier from QZAP

QZAP is the Queer Zine Archive Project and they are awesome at Archiving Queer Zines. Take a look.

Paul’s mom, brother, and niece are getting to town tomorrow so we spent the evening cleaning the house, setting up a second guest room in the empty room, weeding the garden, working in the yard and cleaning up the porch. Our yard becomes a jungle if we blink so it was due.


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