How to help to Portland Zine Symposium and stuff I’ve been up to…

Greetings from my Sunday shift at the IPRC. It’s been a mostly calm night here so I had some time to work on the upcoming newsletter for the Portland Zine Symposium. We should have our new website up and running in a few days. We are aiming to have the registration open on the 1st of June! We are running so late it is isn’t even funny. Finding the new space was such a head ache but, we have it now and it is time to move forward.

Ever wondered how you can help the Portland Zine Symposium though our Growing pains? Well. I have two ways to help out.

1) Participate in the Postcard Project!

Our theme this year is “postmarked.” What better way to celebrate that than with mail? We are offering a pre-addressed and pre-stamped blank post card for you to decorate for $5 in the USA $7 rest of the world (International postcards come with an International Reply Coupon).

Once you have colored, drawn, collaged, typed on or otherwise decorated the post card, drop it in the mail to us. All postcards we receive will be on display in a gallery at the 2011 Portland Zine Symposium. This is an inexpensive, fun, and easy way to support the Symposium even if you can’t be there. Get one for yourself! Buy some for friends! Go here, buy lots!

Postcard project!

2) You can chipin! Chip in is a site that helps you fundraise but my favorite part is that you can use paypal…unlike another fundraising site.Go to our chipin site, donate a couple bucks or more. Seriously, we need it.

Other than my brain being wired on PZS, I have also been hoping for my garden to grow. It’s been cold and rainy and when the sun breaks through I wander around with the cats pulling weeds and hoping for plants to grow.

This weekend paul and embarked on a bathroom adventure. You see, I never seem to get as irritated with my ex-husband as when I have to fix or replace his shoddy craftmanship (ie: the plumbing, the electrical, the flooring, the fan, etc.) We replaced the exhaust fan a few weeks ago, I had started painting the ceiling a few days ago and this weekend Paul and I took out the hideous sliding glass shower doors. It was way easier to take out than we expected. Once it was out we went to Fred Meyer looking for a shower rod. Apparently they don’t sell them, who knew? Luckily my gracious next door neighbor took me to a place to procure one and part of our problems were solved.

We also decided to take out the hideous mirror cabinet only to find a HUGE gaping hole. So, we covered it up with a huge mirror. Bathroom – glass shower doors + big mirror= bathroom twice as large! I also purchased a few air plants because I think they look like dinosaur plants and are sort of creepy and i thought they would go well in a bathroom. Photos soon!




2 responses to “How to help to Portland Zine Symposium and stuff I’ve been up to…

  1. Sounds like you’ve been super-busy! I look forward to seeing the pics of the handiwork in the bathroom… I was half-expecting to read stories of visiting the recycled furnishings place up in North! I’m also very excited to read about the new website. Leaps and bounds – this year’s Zine Symposium is going to be awesome!

  2. No, I actually took out sliding glass shower doors that were aquired from the Rebuilding Center. I have a few things to take care of in the bathroom before I post photos. I keep starting 5 projects at once. Eventually they will all be complete.

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