Chicago bound and zines that are bound as well and being bound for Chicago.

In just about 3 hours Derek and I will be on the Amtrak Empire Builder headed on a two day cross country adventure to Chicago for the Chicago Zine Fest. What will we be doing with our time? Well, I have some books, zines and a pint of whiskey.

So, I started writing that yesterday and then wordpress freaked out on me.

I’m currently on the east bound Empire Builder and just woke up in Whitefish, Montana. Yesterday we recorded a bit for Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast and figured out how to to make our magic spacephons capture the internetz so we can do what we do at home….but on a train.

I have a new zine! It is called Nine Stories… also, Brainscan #26.5. There are only 54 of them…actually, there are 55 but when I packaged them all up and counted them I only saw 54 so I numbered 54. When I cleaned my messy office I found the runaway 55th. I will be giving Derek the unnumbered runaway zine. So, there are only 55. I left 10 at home to send to some friends and there are about 4 of those left. I have 44 to trade at the Chicago Zine Fest. if I have some left over they will go in my Etsy shop, but don’t hold your breath.

Nine Stories is 12th legal sized and tucked into a hand made envelope. Pages contain photocopier art around a story that takes places in the elevator with my ex in the nine stories between the office of our divorce lawyer and the ground floor. it’s another one of my particulars corresponding to universals pieces about how we never think of endings.

This is what this zine looks like:

All the bits




4 responses to “Chicago bound and zines that are bound as well and being bound for Chicago.

  1. That last pic–that’s what I’ll be if I don’t get a Nine Stories. 😦 If only #55 were still hidden in the room, waiting for me to order it.

  2. shesabibliophile

    That Nine Stories zines looks pretty nifty. I also need to get in touch with you about ordering more zines for Things You Say!

    Have fun in Chicago, and say hi to Bree for me 🙂

  3. I love what I can see of the design layout. Any chance one will end up in the IPRC zine library?

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