SLPX, new tattoo, pzs, stuff!

I posted more photos and fliers to my SLPX photo album on facebook. I am amazed at the people who have come out of the woodwork! I thought people might not like the photos up and would ask for some of them to be taken down but people seem into them so I’m going to keep them up and maybe add more later. Check out how young we all were in 96-99.

My housemate, Maggie, has a houseguest who gave me a beautiful tattoo. When we were on the Zines On Toast Tour in the late summer and early fall we talked about getting a tour tattoo. We couldn’t think of what to get .When we got to Chicago we went to Emma Goldman’s grave and the cemetery was littered with acorns. I suggested our tour tattoo be acorns. Acorns are great metaphors for small ideas that grow into big things…like our tour. We didn’t get our tour tattoos but when I suggested it to Angel she seems happy to draw something up. This is what happened:

acorn and oak leaves tattoo

Tonight we are having an open meeting for the Portland Zine Symposium at the IPRC. We hope to have some dates and a location nailed down by the end of the week. I always knew that organizing a zine event without a guaranteed location was tough, but this is ridiculous. We have a bit of funds but places are so expensive and we would still have to rent tables and chairs. I guess our growth and popularity have been a burden and a curse because we have to have a certain amount of space and a certain amount of tables. ugh.


7 responses to “SLPX, new tattoo, pzs, stuff!

  1. I think your tattoos are awesome. They have come out really well. I would love a tattoo myself but I just can’t think of a design that I want and I want it to be meaningful to me. Ah well, one day.

  2. Okay, not only is that tattoo gorgeous, but if that tattoo artist has a shop or a sign hung somewhere, I want to know about it! My regular tattoo dude is in semi-retirement, and someday, that’s gonna be full-on retirement, and I need someone good with color on standby. Please provide info if she’s open to new business!

  3. Beautiful tattoo!

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