My Little Pony hair, vegan food, and stuff

My sister told me that my hair looks like a My Little Pony, a bit like this. It’s fading but I think it is sort of neat so I haven’t dyed it yet.

pretty mane!

I got a pasta maker! Paul and I made some raviolis and they were excellent. We made a big batch and ate them over a few days. The first night we just dumped some pasta sauce on them but the second night I made a coconut based vegan alfredo. It is super creamy and savory, not sweet.

vegan ravioli alfredo with sald topped in our new salad favorite, grated beets!

Last night was all about cashew cheese! I made a beer cheese cauliflower soup with a cashew base that was pretty awesome a some vegan mac and cheese with bread crumbs.

Soup and mac and cheese! The soup base has Kingpin red ale in it.

Yesterday was full moon night and after Paul and I spent all day scanning photos of fliers from friends and shows in Salt Lake, we made the food and then got a drink at Pause before heading home to play records and dance. It was really fun. It was not only full moon night, it was paul’s Portlandversary. He’s been in Portland and living with me for 5 years. It has been a really good 5 years.

I made a Facebook photo album of all the photos and fliers from SLPX days in Salt Lake circa 1997-1998. Check it out here.

Me and my first distrto. aw.


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