5 years of awesomeness and waffles!

Tomorrow morning Paul will have lived in Portland for 5 years. Five years ago Paul packed up all his stuff in Salt Lake City and he and his brother drove a U-Haul to Portland. Paul and I had picked out our apartment over new year and I had moved in a few weeks before Paul got to Portland. It was weird to live alone after years of collective living but it was nice for Paul and I to have our own space. It is hard to believe that is has been 5 years because it seems like it has gone in a flash. We have done so much stuff and gone so many places and it has all been so easy. I’ll spare the mushy lovey stuff.

Anyway, here’s a set of photos from our first apartment. We called it the pink layer cake and it was a good time!

This morning I got Paul to wake up with me at 8 and he said something about pancakes, which we hardly make. We didn’t have any maple syrup so we decided to make waffles instead. We made cranberry almond waffles and my favorite savory waffles with soyrizo and daiya vegan cheese! I topped them with vegan sour cream and salsa. yum.

savoy waffle goodness!


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