vegan food photos

My first adventure with puff pastry! I made a creamy mushroom stuff for the middle.

pastie dough made with vodka rules!

pasties with mushroom gravy

More handmade vegan sausages with red bell pepper sauce

tofu scrambled with biscuits and gravy.

Creamy mushroom stuff with onions, thyme and a bit of vegan creamer or even vegan sour cream! Good as a sauce or a filling for puff pastry or ravioli or whatever.

tofu ricotta type filling with spinach, onions, those frozen cubes of basil a bit of lemon juice and the glorious vegenaise. This stuff is a great filling for lasagna, ravioli or tossed in with pasta shells and throw some maranara on top.

I’m horrible at following, writing or looking at recipes. I need to get better at that for the cook zine I’m working on.


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