headed to Utah! zine storage! New fliers! Vegan funeral potatoes!

So, tomorrow Paul and I are flying to Utah to visit his family and our friends. I was worried that I was going to have to drive in snow after about 11 years of not having done it but it’s looking like it will be relatively nice while we are there. We don’t have any specific plans but I’m sure some will arise. I’m also really excited about going to Cake Walk Vegan Bakery run by the Lovely Kelly Green. I’m not a huge sweets fan but I’m really looking forward to vegan Eclairs and some of the savory yummies that I missed because they were closed last time I was in SLC.

This has been a great mail week! After reorganizing my office I got my new table in the mail. It is great to have a nice big shipping and packing table in the middle of the room. I’m feeling so efficient! I also got a package from my friend Tukru that I had almost thought was lost, a seed catalog, and my computer came back from the fixer just in time for me to leave tomorrow. I was not happy about traveling without it but now I don’t have to!

I forgot to post thus image from my office last time:

Here's how I store button parts, buttons machines, pre-made catalog buttons stored, zines and books.

Also this week I have made new fliers to sent out with zines. I haven ‘t made a flier like this in a long time. Let me know if you would like to send some out with orders for me and I’ll do the same. Feel free to send them to :

Alex Wrekk

5307 N Minnesota ave

portland, oregon 97217

new flier!

I also put some of these together. Brainscan Snack Packs!

10 zines spanning 2002-2010, a Copy of Stolen Sharpie Revolution 2, a CD with a 15 minute zine reading plus 9 tracks of music (The Downers, latenightsleeptv, homesick and The Copy Scams) and various other stickers, buttons and other fun stuff. All for $28!

And since I’ll be headed out to the fair state of Utah I thought i might leave you with images of the vegan funneral potatoes. The only tricky part is getting an equivalent of  condensed soup (yuck!) So I just sauteed onions and mushrooms in lots of butter and then added vegan cream and cooked it down a bit and blended some of it in a food processor. Then threw it in a bowl of frozen hashbrowns with a tub of vegan sour cream, some salt & pepper and an entire package of daiya cheese. Oh, and melted butter to roll the corn flakes in to place on top. Ah, comfort food gut bomb.I’m seriously thinking of having a 24th of July party next summer for Utah ex-patriots next summer. All I need to do now is veganize green jello with shredded carrots.

not much to look at.


One response to “headed to Utah! zine storage! New fliers! Vegan funeral potatoes!

  1. Thank you SO much for the veganized condensed soup formula! There are a lot of my family recipes I’d like to recreate in a healthier/vegetarian/less gross way, so I can’t wait to try this!

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