Office clean up! X-Files! Headed to utah next week!

My big project this past week has been to reorganize my office. I got rid of some huge metal shelves to realize I had a lot of space! I organized everything around the walls and attached some new shelves higher on the wall. I also ordered a new table to be my shipping table that isn’t here yet. I also haven’t put up all my post cards yet but here are some photos. It is all incredible efficient and it makes me want more work to do because packing order is easier and fun now that the space is all new. maybe order yourself a button or zine, ya?

Not the table that is going to stay there but having a shipping table in the middle of the room is great.

another view with lights! And with part of my lunchbox collection for ages ago.

view of my shipping supplies and part of my wall of postcards and my computer cubby.

New shelves and some postcards and boxes

My bike and a bit of my computer cubby. Note the bike tube nailed to the wall. I like to use clothes pins to hang stuff up there. I have some more posters to hang up still.

My office cubby under the stairs. Yes, I have a forehead scar and spend a lot of time in a small area understairs... I am not harry Potter.

shipping table and a look to the front door.

Check out my cool USPS mug. It says "management academy" on the other side. You will also see the postal rate chart from laminated with packaging tape.

paper cutter, zine supplies, bins of stuff and some herbs

I set up one of my typewriters so that i'll use it more. Let's hope it works!

While my bedroom looks less like it belongs to a teenage, my office can’t avoid that fate and I’m completely fine with that. I just hope I can keep it clean enough to not feel embarrassed when people come over to pick up buttons. Also, my computer has been sent away to take advantage of having everything fixed before the warranty runs out and I have been borrowing Paul’s computer. We have still been watching X-Files and have made it to Season 4 and have caught up to the point where we started watching it the first time we dated in Utah in 1997. It is sort of sweet when we are both like “Oh, ya I remember this airing right after Webly’s generator show birthday party where the police helicopter came.” or “I think we missed this one because we were on tour with Homesick.”


Speaking of Utah, I made vegan funeral potatoes the other night. Photos soon! Also, we are headed to Utah on Thursday. I hoping for a little snow but not too much., It has been several years since I have driven in snow and we have a rental car. So, Utah folks, what’s going on that is interesting next weeken


One response to “Office clean up! X-Files! Headed to utah next week!

  1. Your living spaces look really cosy and efficient. It must feel good to get it clean. I know when I have a messy area of an area with too much stuff in it, it feels like it clutters my brain as well [maybe this is just me though]. I finally got some craft trolleys last year to put all my card making stuff in and I got a big box to put all my zines in too. I then tidied the zines into issue etc and it feels much better when I go looking for something now because I can actually find it or know it’s not there straight away. Doesn’t it suck when you think you have one more issue of something than you do. I recently thought I’d run out of one issue when it was another one. Luckily I got to fix it on Etsy before anyone noticed. I hope you enjoy the new clean space.

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