Forgot to post these vegan food stuff from awhile ago, Bad Religion, and cursive typewriters

Vegan pizza: eggplant, peppers, and carmelized balsamic onions. yum!

Stuffed poblanos and green beans with almond slivers

I really need to start taking more photos of my food again. Last week I had what Paul and I were calling “cabbage fest” I had 3 heads of cabbage, two green and one purple. I made a huge cabbage soup with white beans that our whole house snacked on for days. I made two kinds of coleslaw (one creamy and one with a vinegar base). I also made a braised purple cabbage with apples and red wine. I stuffed that mix into perogies and made a mix of perogies some cabbage and others potato/onion with fresh  herbs from my garden.

Jess is coming over tonight, invariably with wine to pair with something that I will cook. I haven’t really accessed my kitchen yet…or cleaned it for that matter but I will make something great. I might take photos with my phone though since I let my housemate Marc borrow my digital camera in trade for his cursive typewriter. I find that a humorous trade.

Monday night I went to see Bad Religion with my sister, Paul and James. I wasn’t expecting too much. Off with their heads was good. The Bouncing Souls were…. the same as ever, playing songs I haven’t heard but they drip with nostalgia nad sound like other songs I know. I had the realization that the first time I saw Bad Religion was in 1993 and they played with Rancid. The first time I saw the Bouncing Souls was in 93 or 94 and they played with Rancid too.

Then Bad Religion played. Wow. I really was not expecting much but holy fuck they played a great show with an amazing set list! It was about 3/4 stuff from 95 and before. It made me super happy. They also played “You” one of my all time favorite songs from my very first favorite punk band. That song is very poignant to some goings on in my life right now so it was great to hear it live and dance like and idiot….and scream until I was hoarse.

Check out this set list!

I was very pleased to see the show and I’m so glad I went. My sister actually wrote me a letter to say that it was the best show she had seen since we saw the Dead Milkmen last year. Last night Webs and I went to see Greg Graffin (Singer for Bad Religion)  speak about his book that I just finished called Anarchy Evolution. He didn’t read anything from the book but he spoke about Punk and Science and his trajectory with the two in the form of a personal narrative. That’s basically what the book is about. It was a good quick read and was good a putting some things together that I already was thinking about.

Also, I did some work on Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast this week. it’s true!


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