Alex Wrekk Stuff and things and lots of them are zine related…

I had a few different pages on Facebook for the various things I have my mits in. I thought it would make more sense to consolidate those pages into one place. And because I can’t think of anything clever I’m just going to call it “Alex Wrekk does stuff and things” This will be the facebook page for all the stuff I’m involved with: Brainscan zine, Stolen Sharpie Revolution, Small World Buttons, Brainscan Etsy. It will also be a place for stuff that I di with other people like: The Copy Scams, The Portland Zine Symposium, Zine Organizers Event, Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast, and what ever zine events I get myself into. I uploaded a bunch of photos of zine covers and stuff from zine events over the years today. I hope to add more soon. Please check it out:

Alex Wrekk does stuff and things

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Also, if you aren’t on the facebook you can still sign up for the Alex Wrekk Does Stuff And Things Newletter that will periodically be sent to your e-mail box. Go here to signs up.

In other news, I have had a headache all day and it is not fun. Yesterday though I replaced my own touch screen on my phone! It got busted at our halloween party a few weeks ago. It was a lot harder than I expected but I figured it out. Um, what else? I had 2 heads of cabbage, one purple and one green. I made two kinds of coleslaw and Paul and I went on a picnic last week when we had some beautiful weather:

cider, potato salad, coleslaw, tomato salad, olive bread, pepper and vegan kielbasa

Paul at the Bluffs

My ridiculous orange/pink hair. I was wearing a striped shirt and Paul asked me if I was going to go as kurt Cobain next Halloween! I'm going to be dying it blue again soon.

On the zine front: I have been working on a new zine that is basically updated stuff that I put in this blog about Microcosm and Joe. I have also been doing a bit of work on the Nobody Cares About Your Stupid Zine Podcast and I hope to have a new episode out in a week or so! I have been working with the Portland Zine Symposium crew to put together and ops manual so we can apply for non-profit status. I can’t believe we haven’t put one together after 10 years. And, on top of that I have been conspiring with a few different zine event organizers to put together an event for zine event organizers in Chicago. The hope is to have a place for organizers to meet and talk about zine events and how to organize them. I’m really excited about what could come out of something like that!

Right now I’m going to finish drinking this pot of tea and go to bed early. Hopefully my head won’t hurt when I wake up and I can get to work and be productive.


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