Halloween week!

I had a great Halloween week!

About 2 weeks I chopped off about a foot of hair by putting in all into a pony tail and cutting. I was getting ready for my Halloween costume. Paul had his hair cut of at “7 bucks a wack” in Kenton for his Halloween costume. The guy seemed a little too excited about cutting off Paul’s shag. We had already assembled our costumes and after a messed up hair dying I achieved close enough to what I needed. Paul and I went as FBI agents Mulder and Scully from the X-Files:

I even borrowed a tiny gold cross from my mom! he’s a better picture of Paul’s chopped off hair before he dyed it brown.

He cleans up pretty well, eh?

We also carved pumpkins as we watched the beginning of the World Series.

Pumpkins from my house!

Saturday paul and I went to a Halloween cover show with bands playing as The Wiper, Twisted Sister and The Gits. At one point I was trying to take a picture of a guy dressed as the Pope throwing devil horns during Twisted Sister but he moved to fast. The Gits cover band was phenomenal but I’m unaccustomed to wearing heals and kept getting stomped on a pushed over. I didn’t expect a full on pit at a cover band show, ya know? paul and I left as the last song was playing but we needed some sleep to get ready for the next day.

We had a halloween party actually on Halloween. It was madness! There were so many people here and the only thing that got broken was the bathroom door lock. there was lots of dancing and the people spilled out onto the back and from porches. At one point we had about a dozen people hanging out in my entry way. I don’t think that has happened before! We had put up black light spider webs in the entry and had a black light. Lots of costumes kept getting caught on them though.  We eventually kicked people out around 2:30. Good times.  It was only the second party we have had here and it was a great success.

I have some photos of food that I need to post but now is not the time. I have been sort of sick since Saturday and have been spending a lot of time in bed.


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